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The Role of Geoscience in Decarbonisation

The decarbonisation of electricity production, industry, transport and heating to meet both UK and international climate change targets is a major challenge, and the subsurface has an important role to play.

hydropower, solar, pylons, gas towers, wind power

Geoscience was central to the carbonisation of our environment through the exploration, extraction and use of fossil fuels. The same skills and expertise that developed these resources can significantly contribute to decarbonisation solutions. Many of the technologies involved share common scientific, regulatory and technical challenges, which will be a priority to address moving forward.

Policy briefing note

Bryan Lovell 2019 Meeting reportFollowing our 2019 Bryan Lovell Meeting - where delegates from the geosciences, social sciences, industry, the British Geological Survey, statutory bodies (such as the Committee on Climate Change) and public organisations (such as Radioactive Waste Management) met - we produced a policy briefing note summarising the key challenges and opportunities for the decarbonisation of electricity production, industry, transport and heating within the geosciences. 

Read our policy briefing note to find out more.

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