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Sharing your work

Authors publishing with us will want to share their work to enable the most effective research, study, teaching and practice of the Earth sciences. However, the Geological Society makes a substantial investment to protect and enhance the quality of the content we publish, so here are some Top Tips to clarify exactly what you can share and when during the publication process.

Some terminology you’ll need to know:

Author’s Original/Preprint/Submitted Version – your own write-up of research results and analysis that has not been peer-reviewed or had any work on it by us (such as pre-editing or copyediting)

Accepted Version/Postprint/Accepted Manuscript – your article that incorporates the changes suggested during submission and peer review and that has been accepted by the editor for publication

Published Article/Version of Record – your final published article, typeset and in PDF format

Gold Open Access – for a fee (Article Processing Charge) your article carries the open padlock logo, CC-BY 4.0 license and can be shared freely

You can share your Author’s Original anywhere (publicly accessible websites, with colleagues or students) at any time, provided that this is not done for commercial purposes. If your article is accepted and subsequently published, add a hyperlink to take readers to the abstract of the Published Article in the Lyell Collection to encourage citation of your paper.

12 months after publication, you can share the Accepted Version by posting it to your personal web pages (Facebook, ResearchGate, LinkedIn etc.) or to an institutional website or repository maintained by the institution to which you’re affiliated. To encourage citation of the paper, add a hyperlink to take readers to the abstract of the Published Article in the Lyell Collection. If your funder requires it, you can upload your Accepted Version (or its metadata) to a repository when it is accepted, but it must be embargoed and not be publically available until 12 months after publication.

When you finally publish, you will be able to download a PDF of the Published Article to save to your hard drive or other personal electronic media (not to a web page or repository). To highlight the importance of your research and ensure it has impact, you can share the PDF with colleagues in private research collaboration groups, including scholarly collaboration networks that are signed up to the STM sharing principles (Voluntary Principles for Article Sharing on Scholarly Collaboration Networks). Take a look at the ‘How Can I share It?’ website for further helpful information on all aspects of scholarly sharing (

If you post, tweet or share the title of your article at any time, include a hyperlink to the Published Article abstract in the Lyell Collection: the abstract is always freely available to all readers.

Note: You may not post the PDF of your Published Article on any website, repository or server unless you have paid for the article to be Gold Open Access. If you have paid for Gold Open Access, you can post and share the PDF of your Published Article wherever you want. Include a hyperlink back to the formal publication in the Lyell Collection.

For further information, please see our website (GSL terms of use).

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