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Navigating OaMetrix

Registering/Creating an Account in OaMetrix |  Creating an invoice | Payment | FAQ | Who should I contact if I have a question?

The Geological Society has partnered with OaMetrix for APC processing of all our open access articles. If your paper is accepted for publication in one of our hybrid publications (Journal of the Geological Society, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geoscience, Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, Scottish Journal of Geology, GSL Special Publications or GSL Books), you will receive an email from OaMetrix ( informing you of this partnership. You will receive this email once production of your paper has started. Note that there may be a delay between when the Subject Editor/Book Editor has accepted your paper and when the GSL staff member starts production of your paper.

If you will pay the article processing charge (APC) for your paper, you will need to login/register with OaMetrix and create an invoice. If your institution or employer will pay the APC, the person responsible for paying will need to create the invoice. We recommend forwarding the OaMetrix email to the person responsible for APC payment for their information.

Registering/Creating an Account in OaMetrix

Image OA Metrix register box


Any author of a paper can view the paper in OaMetrix. They will need to create an account in OaMetrix using the same email address supplied during submission. Your ORCID id can also be used to register with OaMetrix. If a co-author will pay the APC, they can create the invoice in OaMetrix. Once an invoice has been created, only the author who created the invoice will be able to view it. The invoice can be downloaded and shared as a pdf.


If your institution/employer or the institution/employer of a co-author will pay the APC, they will need to request an account from OaMetrix at They will be informed once the account has been created on their behalf. Only one OaMetrix account per institution/employer is needed.




Creating an invoice

Only the person responsible for payment should create an invoice. Once an invoice has been created for a given paper, it is not possible for additional invoices to be created. If you create an invoice in error, contact the Geological Society by email and request that the invoice be cancelled.

APC payments can be made via bank transfer or credit card payment. In both cases, an invoice must first be created in OaMetrix. Once you have logged on to the site, click on the down arrow next to the ‘accepted’ box of your paper.               

image - oa metrix accepted box                 

Before clicking on ‘generate invoice’ you may want to have the following information to hand:

  1. Reference number (e.g. purchase order number or reference from your institution)
  2. Token (if applicable)
  3. VAT number (European Union institutions and companies)

Image OA Metrix payment box

Invoices can be created in GBP or USD. Please select your preferred currency using the drop-down box. If you intend to pay by card please select GBP.

Reference number: This will be for your internal records. It may be a purchase order number if your institution/employer requires one to process payment. 

Token: A token is a discount code for some qualifying authors (for example the winner of an author of the year award). This will be provided from a GSL contact prior to acceptance of the paper. If you do not have a token number, please leave this space blank.

Before clicking ‘next’ please check that the Net Payable fee is correct. If you feel you should have qualified for a discount but one has not been applied, do NOT proceed. Email your GSL contact and request clarification.

Billing Address

Image OA Metrix billing box

Please enter in the required billing information. 

VAT is charged to all UK authors and institutions. 

European Union authors and institutions: if you do not enter a valid VAT registration number UK VAT will be charged. If you do not have an EU VAT registration number please leave this field blank. 

Click on No/Not applicable when prompted.

Generate Invoice

Image OA Metrix invoice box

Click on ‘Generate Invoice’ then ‘download’ to view the pdf invoice. Once you have saved the invoice, click on ‘view later’ to return to your main OaMetrix page. The paper will now have a status of ‘invoiced’.

Card payments

To pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express please create the invoice in GBP and then either:

  • complete the card details on the invoice pdf and email it to, or
  • request a secure payment link from the sales office by providing the invoice number and the cardholder’s name, the registered card address and email address. The registered card address is the address on the card statement. The payment link will be emailed by and direct you to the SagePay online payment portal. The link will be in the format “********”. Please email the sales office when the transaction is completed so the payment can be allocated to your invoice.
Outside the UK: The card payment is processed in GB Pounds and the card company/bank will convert to local currency at their exchange rate. Foreign transaction fees may also be applied by the card company/bank. 

Payment by account transfer

Our GBP and USD bank account details are provided on the invoice. Please confirm to us by email when the payment is made so we can allocate the payment to your invoice.


I didn’t receive an email from OaMetrix

You should receive an email from OaMetrix ( within a few minutes of receiving notification that production has been started on your accepted paper. Please add this email address to your safe senders list if you haven’t already. If you have not received an email, check your junk or spam folders. If you cannot find it, you can ask your GSL contact.

Even if you can’t find a notification email from OaMetrix, you should be able to create an account with OaMetrix. If the transfer from our submission system to OaMetrix has been successful, you will still be able to view your paper and create an invoice as needed.

I received an email from OaMetrix but I don’t want to publish my paper Open Access

If you don’t want to publish your paper open access, no action is needed on your part. You do not need to register/log-in to OaMetrix. Production of your paper will proceed as normal.

My institution is part of a Read & Publish agreement with the Geological Society so my APC is waived. Do I still need to login to OaMetrix?

No, you only need to login to OaMetrix if there is an APC to be paid. If your institution is part of a Read & Publish agreement with the Geological Society and the entire APC is waived, you do not need to do anything in OaMetrix. The email from OaMetrix should inform you that the APC is waived. If you aren’t sure, email your GSL contact.

The email from OaMetrix said I am entitled to a discount on the APC. How much is it?

Some institutions are entitled to a discount off the APC. See our Open Access page for a list of qualifying institutions and the discount amount. If you still need to pay an APC, you will need to login to OaMetrix to create an invoice. However, please check that the correct discount has been applied before you create an invoice.

I am a member of the Geological Society of London/EAGE/AAG but my applicable member discount hasn’t been applied

If you think you are entitled to a discount off the APC but it has not been applied do NOT generate the invoice. Email your GSL contact and tell them which discount you were expecting

I’m having trouble viewing the OaMetrix data

If the OaMetrix site has been updated recently, you may need to log out and log back in so that your page updates.

I’ve created an account in OaMetrix but I don’t see my paper

When registering with OaMetrix, we recommend using the same email address that was used in your GSL submission. You can also register using your ORCID id. If you still do not have access to your recently accepted paper, contact a member of the GSL staff.

Who should I contact if I have a question

Please contact the appropriate GSL contact based on the publication in which your article will appear: