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PYGS Editorial Board

Principal Editor

Acting Chief Editor
Dr S. G. Molyneux (BGS, Nottingham)


Prof M. Bateman (University of Sheffield, UK)
Dr R. Collier (University of Leeds, UK)
Dr S. Davies-Vollum (University of Derby, UK)
Dr E. Dempsey (University of Hull, UK)
Dr D. Millward (BGS, UK)
Dr D. W. Holliday (BGS, UK)
Dr A. S. Howard (BGS, UK)
Dr. M. Oates (UK)
Dr H. M. Pedley (University of Hull, UK)
Prof P. F. Rawson (UCL, UK)
Dr M. Romano (University of Sheffield, UK)
Dr A. Snelling (University of Nottingham, UK)
Dr N. J. Soper (University of Leeds, UK)
Prof P. W. Scott (Camborne School of Mines, UK)
Dr T. Torvela (University of Leeds, UK)
Mr M. Woods (BGS, UK)