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Sample Papers

Sample papers from the Transactions of the Geological Society of London, 1811-1856

Please click on the paper title of the following links to view a free PDF.

  • ‘Notice on the Megalosaurus or great fossil lizard of Stonesfield’ by William Buckland (Series 2 Volume 1 (2))
  • ‘On the discovery of coprolites, or fossil faeces, in the Lias at Lyme Regis’ by William Buckland (Series 2, Volume 3 (1))
  • ‘On the discovery of a new species of Pterodactyle in the lias at Lime Regis’ by William Buckland (Series 2, Volume 3 (1))
  • ‘Notice of a discovery of a new fossil animal, forming a link between the Ichthyosaurus and Crocodile’ by H T de la Beche and W. Conybeare (Series 1 Volume 5)
  • ‘Notice on the remains of a fossil monkey from the tertiary strata of the Sewalik Hills’ by Capt. Cautley and H. Falconer (Series 2, Volume 5(2))
  • ‘Description of the quartz rock of the Lickey Hill in Worcestershire’ by William Buckland (Series 1 Volume 5)
  • ‘On the formation of mould’ by Charles Darwin (Series 2, Volume 5 (2))