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Special Publications Online Archives

This extensive 500-volume archive is hosted on the Geological Society’s

Lyell Collection and can be purchased outright for a one-off fee, allowing perpetual access with no annual maintenance charge. Series access can also be purchased as an annual subscription or as part of the Lyell Collection Complete.

500 volumes are available in six separate archives or three sets:

SP Archive name
SP Volumes
Number of

Number of

SP Archive 1 1 to 100 2,520 41,700
SP Archive 2 101 to 200 2,020 37,000
SP Archive 3 201 to 300 1,900 36,600
SP Archive 4 301 to 400 1,750 36,600
SP Archive 401-450   401 to 450 836 17,600
SP Archive 451-500  NEW
451 to 500 
877 18,900
Archive name
SP Volumes
Number of

Number of

SP Archive 300 1 to 300 6,440 115,300
SP Archive 400 1 to 400 8,190 151,900
SP Archive 500  NEW
1 to 500 9,903 188,400 

Journal of the Geological Society Online Archives

The Journal of the Geological Society Archive includes over 17,000 articles and comprises over 150 years of geoscience research, including historically important content from many eminent scientists.

  • Give your students and faculty the ability to learn how the geosciences evolved with access to the very earliest geological research from the greats such as Darwin, Murchison and Buckland, to modern cutting-edge research from an international field of authors
  • Content covering a diverse range of Earth science disciplines
  • Content preserved in CLOCKSS
  • An archive gives you the security of knowing your readers have access to content forever - JGS 1845 to 2007 content is available as one archive purchase or in four individual archives
JGS Archive name Years of content
JGS Archive 1845 to 2007 1845 to 2007
JGS Archive part 1: 100 Years of Geology 1845 to 1945
JGS Archive part 2 1946 to 1986
JGS Archive part 3 1987 to 2007
JGS Archive part 4    NEW
2008 to 2012

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401 to 450
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