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Petroleum Exploration of Irelands Offshore Basins

Product Code: SP188
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P. M. Shannon (University College Dublin, Ireland), P. D. W. Haughton (University College Dublin, Ireland), D. Corcoran (Statoil Exploration Ireland Ltd., Ireland).
Publication Date: 20 December 2001
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This book covers a wide range of exploration topics from the regional to the field scale. It provides new information on Neogene to Recent stratigraphy and sedimentation in the North Atlantic. A significant amount of exploration has taken place since the publication of Geological Society Special Publication no. 93 (Petroleum Geology of Ireland’s Offshore Basins) in 1995. In this new publication there is a greater emphasis on results from the Atlantic Margin basins and reflection on the course of exploration in the past 5 years. Also, The Proceedings of the 5th Conference (Barbican volumes) of 1999 has a number of papers on the basins of west Ireland but the present volume is more up to date and comprehensive in its coverage of the Irish offshore. The present volume will be complementary to both these previous publications but will stand alone as an integrated volume on the results of all aspects of exploration in the Irish offshore region. The impending declaration of commerciality, and the commencement of development, of the Corrib Gas Field of west Ireland will increase future interest in the region, also adding to this book’s value. Readership: Oil industry explorationists and researchers interested in NW European sedimentary basins. Also, research students working on the Mesozoic/Cenozoic basins of NW Europe. Can be used as a reference book for advanced undergraduate students or for postgraduate students taking courses in petroleum exploration or basin analysis.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-087-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-087-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.30 kg


Provisional contents: Petroleum systems offshore western Ireland in an Atlantic margin context • Petroleum geochemistry of the Lower and Middle Jurassic in Atlantic Margin basins of Ireland and the UK • Chapter 4 missing • Hot fluid flow events in Atlantic margin basins: An example from the Rathlin Basin • Hydrocarbon prospectivity in the Irish Sea area: insights from recent exploration of the Central Irish Sea, Peel and Solway basins • Hydrocarbon potential of the Kish Bank Basin: integration within a regional model for the Greater Irish Sea Basin • Fault distribution and timing in the Central Irish Sea Basin • The influence of thermal history on hydrocarbon prospectivity in the Central Irish Sea Basin • The geology and geophysics of the Southwest Kinsale gas accumulation • Late Tertiary faulting, footwall uplift and topography in Western Ireland • Exploring the Slyne Basin: a geophysical challenge • Sub-basalt imaging using converted waves: numerical modelling • Chapter 14 missing • Aspects of the structure of the Porcupine and Porcupine Seabight basins as revealed from gravity modelling of regional seismic transects • Structural modelling of the south Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland: implications for the timing, magnitude and stlye of crustal extension • Provenance implications of reworked palynomorphs in Mesozoic successions of the Porcupine and North Porcupine basins, offshore Ireland • Chapter 18 missing • Reservoir characteristics of the Upper Jurassic in the 35/8-2 discovery, Porcupine Basin • Comparative Tertiary stratigraphic evolution of the Porcupine and Rockall basins • Cenozoic and Cretaceous transient uplift in the Porcupine Basin and its relationship to a mantle plume • Evidence of shallow gas above the Connemara oil accumulation, Block 26/28 Porcupine Basin • Carbonate mounds and slope failutres in the Porcupine Basin: a development model involving fluid venting • Thermally-driven porosity reduction: impact on basin subsidence • Interpretation of transverse gravity lineaments in the Rockall Basin • The structural style and evolution of the Brona Basin • A Mid- to Late Cenozoic tectonostratigraphic framework for the Rockall Trough • Slope instability and sediment re-distribution in the Rockall Trough: constraints from Gloria • Slope failure features on the margins of the Rockall Trough • Index. Principal authors to date (not complete 02.04.01): A M Spencer, Statoil a.s., Norway. I C Scotchman, Statoil (UK) Ltd., UK. D W J Middleton, University of Aberdeen, UK. J Floodpage, TotalFine Elf Exploration UK Plc., UK. G M Dunford, Dunford Exploration Ltd., UK. C Izatt, BG International, UK. P F Green, Geotrack International, Australia. J M Sullivan, Marathon International Petroleum Ireland Ltd., Ireland. M Badley, Badley Earth Science, UK. P M Dancer, Enterprise Oil Plc., Ireland. F Martini, University College Dublin, Ireland. H Johnson, British Geological Survey, UK. K Baxter, Badley Earth Sciences, UK. J Smith, University College Cork, Ireland. A J Robinson, Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc., USA. A McDonnell, University College Dublin, Ireland. S M Jones, Bullard Laboratories, UK. K P Games, Gardline Surveys Ltd., UK. J P Henriet, Gent University, Belgium. P A Bjorkum, Statoil a.s., Norway. K McGrane, Dublin Institute for Advances Studies, Ireland. A Thomson, Saga Petroleum Ireland, UK. M S Stoker, British Geological Survey, UK. V Unnithan, University College Dublin, Ireland. P M Shannon, University College Dublin, Ireland.


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