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Structurally Complex Reservoirs

Product Code: SP292
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S J Jolley, D Barr, J J Walsh & R J Knipe
Publication Date: 10 December 2007
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Structurally complex reservoirs form a distinct class of reservoir in which fault arrays and fracture networks, in particular, exert an overriding control on petroleum trapping and production behaviour. With modern exploration and production portfolios now commonly held in geologically complex settings, there is an increasing technical challenge to find new prospects and to extract remaining hydrocarbons from these reservoirs. This volume reviews our current understanding and ability to model the complex distribution and behaviour of fault and fracture networks, highlighting their fluid compartmentalizing effects and storage–transmissivity characteristics, and outlining approaches for predicting the dynamic fluid flow and geomechanical behaviour of these reservoirs. This collection of 25 papers provides an overview of recent progress and outstanding issues in the areas of

(i) structural complexity and fault geometry,

(ii) detection and prediction of faults and fractures,

(iii) compartmentalizing effects of fault systems and complex siliciclastic reservoirs and

(iv) critical controls affecting fractured reservoirs.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-241-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 496
Weight: 1.30 kg


Structurally complex reservoirs: an introduction, Jolley, S. J. Barr, D. Walsh, J. J. Knipe, R. J. • Structural evolution of the Penguins Cluster, UK northern North Sea, Dominguez, R. • Characterising and producing from reservoirs in landslides: challenges and opportunities, Welbon, A. I. F Brockbank, P. Brunsden, D. Olsen, T. S. • The fused fault block approach to fault network modelling, Hoffman, K. S. Neave, J. W. • Editing faults within tetrahedral volume models in real time, Tertois, A. L. Mallet, J. L. • Mechanics of fault and expulsion rollover systems developed on passive margins detached on salt: insights from analogue modelling and optical strain monitoring, Krezsek, C. Adam, J. Grujic, D. • Seismic anisotropy as an indicator of reservoir quality in siliciclastic rocks, Kendall, J- M. Fisher, Q. J. Crump, S. C. Maddock, J. Carter, A Hall, S. A. Wookey, J. Valcke, S. L. A. Casey, M. Lloyd, G. E. Ismail, W. B. • Fracture intensity from geomechanical models: application to the Blue Forest 3D survey, Green River Basin, Wyoming, USA, Wilkins, S. J. • Kinematically-equivalent but geomechanically-different simulations of fault evolution: the role of loading configurations, Lewis, H. Hall, S. A. Guest, J. A. Couples, G. D. • A damage domain approach to integration of geomechanics and seismic anisotropy for fractured reservoir characterisation, Hall, S. A. Lewis, H. • Testing the predictive capability of curvature analyses, Bergbauer, S. • Stratigraphic control on extensional fault propagation folding: Big Brushy Canyon monocline, Sierra Del Carmen, Texas, Ferrill, D. A. Morris, A. P. Smart, K. J. • Treatment of faults in production simulation models, Fisher, Q. J. Jolley, S. J. • Definition of a fault permeability predictor from outcrop studies of a faulted turbidite sequence, Taranaki, New Zealand, Childs, C. Walsh, J. J. Manzocchi, T. Strand, J. Nicol, A. Tomasso, M. Schöpfer, M. P. J. Aplin, A. C. • A comparison between deterministic and stochastic fault seal techniques, Dee, S. J. Yielding, G. Freeman, B. Bretan, P. • Testing fault transmissibility predictions in a structurally dominated reservoir: Ringhorne Field, Norway, Myers, R. D. Allgood, A. Hjellbakk, A. Vrolijk, P. Briedis, N. • Incorporation of fault properties into production simulation models of Permian reservoirs from the southern North Sea, Zijlstra, E. B. Reemst, P. H. M. Fisher, Q. J. • Static and dynamic connectivity in bed-scale models of faulted and unfaulted turbidites, Manzocchi, T. Walsh, J. J. Tomasso, M. Strand, J. Childs, C. Haughton, P. D. W. • The link between a heterogeneous model and its flow response: examples from fault damage zones highlighting issues in domain discretization and flow simulation, Ma, J. Vaszi, A. Z. Couples, G. D. Harris, S. D. • Three-dimensional upscaling of fault damage zones for reservoir simulation, Harris, S. D. Vaszi, A. Z. Knipe, R. J. • The modelling of fractured reservoirs: constraints and potential for fracture network geometry and hydraulics analysis, Mäkel, G. H. • Numerical simulation of multi-phase fluid flow in structurally complex reservoirs, Matthäi, S. K. Geiger, S. Roberts, S. G. Paluszny, A. Belayneh, M. Burri, A. Mezentsev, A. Lu, H. Coumou, D. Driesner, T. Heinrich, C. A. • Conductive faults and sealing fractures in the West Sole gas fields, southern North Sea, Barr, D. • Coupled geomechanics-flow modelling at and below a critical stress-state used to investigate common statistical properties of field production data, Zhang, X. Koutsabeloulis, N. C. Heffer, K. J. Main, I. G. Li, L. • The Statistical Reservoir Model: calibrating faults and fractures, and predicting reservoir response to water flood, Main, I. G. Li, L. Heffer, K. J. Papasouliotis, O. Leonard, T. Koutsabeloulis, N. C. Zhang, X.


David James

The book has a full index and makes generous use of colour illustrations. It can be strongly recommended to industry professionals for whom it is splendid value, particularly at the discounted prices. Moreover several papers including the editorial introduction, the treatment of faults in production simulation models and the modelling of fractured reservoirs will be valuable supplementary reading for course work in petroleum geology.

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