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West Gondwana: Pre-Cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic region

Product Code: SP294
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R J Pankhurst, R A J Trouw, B B Brito Neves and M J De Wit
Publication Date: 25 January 2008
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Some 75 years after the visionary work of Wegener and du Toit, Neoproterozoic to Mesozoic geological correlations between South America and Africa are re-examined in the light of plate tectonics and modern geological investigation (structural and metamorphic studies, stratigraphic logging, geochemistry, geochronology and palaeomagnetism). The book presents both reviews and new research relating to the shared Gondwana origins of countries facing each other across the South Atlantic Ocean, especially Brazil, Argentina, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia and South Africa. This is the first comprehensive treatment to be readily available in book form. It covers the common elements of cratonic areas pre-dating Gondwana, and how they came together in late Precambrian and Cambrian times with the formation of the Pan-African/Brasiliano orogenic belts (Dom Feliciano, Brasília, Ribeira, Damara, Gariep, Kaoko, etc.). The subsequent shared Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary record (Karoo system) prior to Gondwana break-up is also reviewed.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-247-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-247-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 430
Weight: 1.20 kg


Pre-Cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic region: 'the ties that bind' M. J. De Wit, B. B. Brito Neves, R. A. J. Trouw, R. J. Pankhurst • Late Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian palaeogeography: models and problems, S. A. Pisarevsky, J. B. Murphy, P. A. Cawood, A. S. Collins • Contemporaneous evolution of the Palaeoproterozoic/Mesoproterozoic sedimentary basins of the São Francisco–Congo Craton, A. J. Pedreira, B. De Waele • Geology of the northern Borborema Province, NE Brazil and its correlation with Nigeria, NW Africa, M. A. Arthaud, R. Caby, R. Fuck, E. L. Dantas, C. V. Parente • Proterozoic links between the Borborema Province, NE Brazil, and the Central African Fold Belt, W. R. Van Schmus, E. P. Oliveira, A. F. da Silva Filho, S. F. Toteu, J. Penaye, I. P. Guimaraes • Comparisons between the northwestern Borborema Province, NE Brazil, and the southwestern Pharusian Dahomey Belt, SW Central Africa, T. J. S. dos Santos, A. H. Fetter, J. A. N. Neto • Proterozoic evolution of the Nigeria-Boborema province, S. S. Dada • São Luís Craton and Gurupi Belt (Brazil): possible links with the West African Craton and surrounding Pan-African belts, E. L. Klein, C. A. V. Moura • Similarities and differences between the Brazilian and African counterparts of the Neoproterozoic Araçuaí–West Congo orogen, A. C. Pedrosa-Soares, F. F. Alkmim, L. Tack, C. M. Noce, M. Babinski, L. C. Silva, M. A. M. Neto • Sedimentary provenance and palaeoenvironment of the Baixo Araguaia Supergroup: constraints on the palaeogeographical evolution of the Araguaia Belt and assembly of West Gondwana, C. A. V. Moura, B. L. S. Pinheiro, C. R. Nogueira, P. S. S. Gorayeb, M. A. Galarza • Tectonic evolution of the Brasília Belt, Central Brazil, and early assembly of Gondwana, C. M. Valeriano, M. M. Pimentel, M. Heilbron, J. C. H. Almeida, R. A. J. Trouw • Correlation of Neoproterozoic terranes between the Ribeira Belt, SE Brazil and its African counterpart: comparative tectonic evolution and open questions, M. Heilbron, C. M. Valeriano, C. C. G. Tassinari, J. C. H. Almeida, M. Tupinamba, O. Siga Jr, R. A. J. Trouw • West Gondwana amalgamation based on detrital zircon ages from Neoproterozoic Ribeira and Dom Feliciano belts of South America and comparison with coeval sequences from SW Africa, M. A. S. Basei, H. E. Frimmel, A. P. Nutman, F. Preciozzi • A Damara orogen perspective on the assembly of southwestern Gondwana, D. R. Gray, D. A. Foster, J. G. Meert, B. Goscombe, R. Armstrong, R. A. J. Trouw, C. W. Passchier • Cambrian orogeny in the Ribeira Belt (SE Brazil) and correlations within West Gondwana: ties that bind underwater, R. S. Schmitt, R. A. J. Trouw, W. R. Van Schmus, C. W. Passchier • The Neoproterozoic Quatipuru ophiolite and the Araguaia fold belt, central-northern Brazil, compared with correlatives in northwest Africa, M. A. P. Paixao, A. A. Nilson, E. L. Dantas • Correlations between the classic Paraná and Cape–Karoo sequences of South America and southern Africa and their basin infills flanking the Gondwanides: du Toit revisited, E. J. Milani, M. J. De Wit • The Neoproterozoic glacial record in the Río de la Plata Craton: a critical reappraisal, P. J. Pazos, L. S. Bettucci, J. Loureiro • South Atlantic divergent margin evolution: rift-border uplift and salt tectonics in the basins of SE Brazil, W. U. Mohriak, M. Nemcok, G. Enciso • Restoring Pan-African – Brasiliano connections: more Gondwana control, less Trans-Atlantic corruption, M. J. De Wit, J. Stankiewicz, C. Reeves • Index


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