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Characterization of Ore-Forming Systems from Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Studies

Product Code: SP453
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by K. Gessner, T.G. Blenkinsop and P. Sorjonen-Ward
Publication Date: 07 August 2018
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Special Publication 453

Economically viable concentrations of mineral resources are uncommon in Earth’s crust. Most ore deposits that were mined in the past or are currently being extracted were found at or near Earth’s surface, often serendipitously. To meet the future demand for mineral resources, exploration success hinges on identifying targets at depth. Achieving this requires accurate and informed models of the Earth's crust that are consistent with all available geological, geochemical and geophysical information, paired with an understanding of how ore-forming systems relate to Earth’s evolving structure. Contributions to this volume address the future resources challenge by (i) applying advanced microscale geochemical detection and characterization methods, (ii) introducing more rigorous 3D Earth models, (iii) exploring critical behaviour and coupled processes, (iv) evaluating the role of geodynamic and tectonic setting and (v) applying 3D structural models to characterize specific ore-forming systems.

Published online 18/07/2018. Print copies available 07/08/2018.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203137
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 416
Weight: 1.1 kg


GESSNER, K., BLENKINSOP, T. & SORJONEN-WARD, P. Characterization of ore-forming systems – advances and challenges

Advanced microscale geochemical detection and characterization methods

PEARCE, M. A., GODEL, B. M., FISHER, L. A., SCHONEVELD, L. E., CLEVERLEY, J. S., OLIVER, N. H. S. & NUGUS, M. Microscale data to macroscale processes: a review of microcharacterization applied to mineral systems

Development of more rigorous 3D Earth models

WELLMANN, J. F., DE LA VARGA, M., MURDIE, R. E., GESSNER, K. & JESSELL, M. Uncertainty estimation for a geological model of the Sandstone greenstone belt, Western Australia – insights from integrated geological and geophysical inversion in a Bayesian inference framework

SCHETSELAAR, E., BELLEFLEUR, G., CRAVEN, J., ROOTS, E., CHERAGHI, S., SHAMSIPOUR, P., CATÉ, A., MERCIER-LANGEVIN, P., EL GOUMI, N., ENKIN, R. &SALISBURY, M. Geologically driven 3D modelling of physical rock properties in support of interpreting the seismic response of the Lalor volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Critical behaviour and coupled processes

HOBBS, B. E. & ORD, A. Coupling of fluid flow to permeability development in mid- to upper crustal environments: a tale of three pressures

ORD, A. & HOBBS, B. E. Episodic modes of operation in hydrothermal gold systems: Part I. Deformation, mineral reactions and chaos

HOBBS, B. E. & ORD, A. Episodic modes of operation in hydrothermal gold systems: Part II. A model for gold deposition

MUNRO, M. A., ORD, A. & HOBBS, B. E. Spatial organization of gold and alteration mineralogy in hydrothermal systems: wavelet analysis of drillcore from Sunrise Dam Gold Mine,

Western Australia

KIRILOVA, M., TOY, V. G., TIMMS, N., HALFPENNY, A., MENZIES, C., CRAW, D., BEYSSAC, O., SUTHERLAND, R., TOWNEND, J., BOULTON, C., CARPENTER, B. M., COOPER, A., GRIEVE, J., LITTLE, T., MORALES, L., MORGAN, C., MORI, H., SAUER, K. M., SCHLEICHER, A. M., WILLIAMS, J. & CRAW, L. Textural changes of graphitic carbon by tectonic and hydrothermal processes in an active plate boundary fault zone, Alpine Fault, New Zealand

Role of geodynamic and tectonic setting

OCCHIPINTI, S. A., TYLER, I. M., SPAGGIARI, C. V., KORSCH, R. J., KIRKLAND, C. L., SMITHIES, R. H., MARTIN, K.&WINGATE, M. T. D. Tropicana translated: a foreland thrust system imbricate fan setting for c. 2520 Ma orogenic gold mineralization at the northern margin of the Albany–Fraser Orogen, Western Australia

LINDSAY, M. D., SPRATT, J., OCCHIPINTI, S. A., AITKEN, A. R. A., DENTITH, M. C., HOLLIS, J. A. & TYLER, I. M. Identifying mineral prospectivity using 3D magnetotelluric, potential field andgeological data in the east Kimberley, Australia

BLENKINSOP, T., TRIPP, G. & GILLEN, D. The relationship between mineralization and tectonicsat the Kainantu gold–copper deposit, Papua New Guinea

GESSNER, K., MARKWITZ, V. & GÜNGÖR, T. Crustal fluid flow in hot continental extension: tectonic framework of geothermal areas and mineral deposits in western Anatolia

Application of 3D structural modelling to characterize specific ore-forming systems

IVANIC, T. J., NEBEL, O., BRETT, J. & MURDIE, R. E. The Windimurra Igneous Complex: an Archean Bushveld?

CASE, G., BLENKINSOP, T., CHANG, Z., HUIZENGA, J. M., LILLY, R. & MCLELLAN, J. Delineating the structural controls on the genesis of iron oxide–Cu–Au deposits through implicit modelling: a case study from the E1 Group, Cloncurry District, Australia

BELL, R.-M., KOLB, J. & WAIGHT, T. E. Assessment of lithological, geochemical and structural controls on gold distribution in the Nalunaq gold deposit, South Greenland using three-dimensional implicit modelling


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