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Cratonic Basin Formation: A Case Study of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil

Product Code: SP472
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by M. C. Daly, R. A. Fuck, J. Julià, D. I. M. Macdonald and A. B. Watts
Publication Date: 04 December 2018
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Special Publication 472

Cratonic basins are large, distinctive features of the continental crust. They are preferentially developed on thick continental lithosphere, are typically sub-circular in shape and subside over periods of hundreds of millions of years. They are also endowed with significant resources. However, in spite of their location in continental interiors and often well-known geology, the subsidence driving mechanism and tectonic setting of these basins remains controversial.

This volume presents both lithospheric and basin scale datasets acquired specifically to interrogate the tectonic process of cratonic basin formation. Focused on the Silurian to Triassic Parnaíba cratonic basin of Brazil, the papers discuss the results of a multidisciplinary basin analysis project comprising new geophysical, geological and geochemical data. This unique dataset enables the characterization of the lithospheric crust and mantle beneath the Parnaíba Basin, constrains the detailed evolution of the basin itself, and enables comparisons with cratonic basins globally. Several convergent themes emerge providing new and powerful constraints for models of the driving mechanisms of these enigmatic basins.

Published online 14/11/2018. Print copies available from 03/12/2018.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-78620-396-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1 kg



Daly, M. C., Fuck, R. A., Julià, J., Macdonald, D. I. M. & Watts, A. B. Cratonic basin formation: a case study of the Parnaíba Basin of Brazil

Cratonic basins

Sleep, N. H. Cratonic basins with reference to the Michigan basin

McKenzie, D. & Rodríguez Tribaldos, V. Lithospheric heating by crustal thickening: a possible origin of the Parnaíba Basin

Watts, A. B., Tozer, B., Daly, M. C. & Smith, J. A comparative study of the Parnaíba, Michigan and Congo cratonic basins

The Parnaíba cratonic basin: lithospheric and crustal structure

Soares, J. E. P., Stephenson, R., Fuck, R. A., de Lima, M. V. A. G., de Araújo, V. C. M., Lima, F. T., Rocha, F. A. S. & da Trindade, C. R. Structure of the crust and upper mantle beneath the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil, from wide-angle reflection–refraction data

Coelho, D. L. O., Julià, J., Rodríguez-Tribaldos, V. & White, N. Deep crustal architecture of the Parnaíba basin of NE Brazil from receiver function analysis: implications for basin subsidence

Manenti, R. R., Souza, W. E. & Porsani, M. J. Reprocessing and interpretation of deep structures in a regional transect of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil

Solon, F. F., Fontes, S. L. & La Terra, E. F. Electrical conductivity structure across the Parnaíba Basin, NE Brazil

Porto, A., Daly, M. C., La Terra, E. & Fontes, S. The pre-Silurian Riachão basin: a new perspective on the basement of the Parnaíba basin, NE Brazil

Rodríguez Tribaldos, V. & White, N. Implications of preliminary subsidence analyses for the Parnaíba cratonic basin

The Parnaíba cratonic basin: stratigraphic and sedimentological evolution

Menzies, L. A., Carter, A. & Macdonald, D. I. M. Evolution of a cratonic basin: insights from the stratal architecture and provenance history of the Parnaíba Basin

Hollanda, M. H. B. M., Góes, A. M. & Negri, F. A. Provenance of sandstones in the Parnaíba Basin through detrital zircon geochronology

Jaju, M. M., Mort, H. P., Nader, F. H., Filho, M. L. & Macdonald, D. I. M. Palaeogeographical and palaeoclimatic evolution of the intracratonic Parnaíba Basin, NE Brazil using GPlates plate tectonic reconstructions and chemostratigraphic tools

Iannuzzi, R., Neregato, R., Cisneros, J. C., Angielczyk, K. D., Rößler, R., Rohn, R., Marsicano, C., Fröbisch, J., Fairchild, T., Smith, R. M. H., Kurzawe, F., Richter, M., Langer, M. C., Tavares, T. M. V., Kammerer, C. F., Conceição, D. M., Pardo, J. D. & Roesler, G. A. Re-evaluation of the Permian macrofossils from the Parnaíba Basin: biostratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographical implications

The Parnaíba cratonic basin: magmatic history

Heilbron, M., Guedes, E., Mane, M., Valeriano, C. de M., Tupinambá, M., Almeida, J., Silva, L. G. do E., Paschoal Duarte, B., Favera, J. C. D. & Viana, A. Geochemical and temporal provinciality of the magmatism of the eastern Parnaíba Basin, NE Brazil

Oliveira, A. L., Pimentel, M. M., Fuck, R.A. & Oliveira, D. C. Petrology of Jurassic and Cretaceous basaltic formations from the Parnaíba Basin, NE Brazil: correlations and associations with large igneous provinces

Klöcking, M., White, N. & MacLennan, J. Role of basaltic magmatism within the Parnaíba cratonic basin, NE Brazil

Trosdtorf, I. Jr, Neto, J. M. M., Santos, S. F., Portela Filho, C. V., Dall Oglio, T. A., Galves, A. C. M. & Silva, A. M. Phanerozoic magmatism in the Parnaíba Basin: characterization of igneous bodies (well logs and 2D seismic sections), geometry, distribution and sill emplacement patterns

The Parnaíba cratonic basin: resource system

de Miranda, F. S., Vettorazzi, A. L., Cunha, P. R. da C., Aragão, F. B., Michelon, D., Caldeira, J. L., Porsche, E., Martins, C., Ribeiro, R. B., Vilela, A. F., Corrêa, J. R., Silveira, L. S. & Andreola, K. Atypical igneous-sedimentary petroleum systems of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil: seismic, well logs and cores

Abelha, M., Petersohn, E., Bastos, G. & Araújo, D. New insights into the Parnaíba Basin: results of investments by the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency



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