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Cross Border Themes in Petroleum Geology I: The North Sea

Product Code: SP494
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited for S. Patruno, S. G. Archer, D. Chiarella, J. A. Howell, C. A.-L. Jackson and H. Kombrink
Publication Date: 24 May 2022
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Special Publication 494

A cross-border approach to exploration, appraisal and development is important in mature basins such as the North Sea, where the ‘low hanging fruit’ have long gone. This approach emphasizes the need to see the basin as one geological entity, in order to maximize economic recovery and prepare the area for the energy transition. This volume offers an up-to-date, ‘geology-without-borders’ view of the stratigraphy, sedimentology, tectonics and oil-and-gas exploration trends of the entire North Sea basin, along with the challenges associated with differences in data continuity and nomenclature across median lines. This volume includes overviews of cross-border play statistics, lithostratigraphic naming conventions and exploration performance through to new facies models for cross-border areas. As such, this volume will be a valuable reference for every geoscientist working in the North Sea for years to come.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 22/04/2022.

Related title: Special Publication 495, Cross Border Themes in Petroleum Geology II: Atlantic Margin and Barents Sea

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204578
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 504
Weight: 1.3 kg



Archer, S. G., Kombrink, H., Patruno, S., Chiarella, D., Jackson, C. A.-L. and Howell, J. A. Cross-border petroleum geology in the North Sea: an introduction 

General North Sea

Patruno, S., Kombrink, H. and Archer, S. G. Cross-border stratigraphy of the Northern, Central and Southern North Sea: a comparative tectono-stratigraphic megasequence synthesis   

Kombrink, H. and Patruno, S. The integration of public domain lithostratigraphic data into a series of cross-border North Sea well-penetration maps  

Quirk, D. G. and Archer, S. G. Exploration play statistics in the Southern North Sea region of The Netherlands and UK 

Quirk, D. G. and Archer, S. G. Exploration play statistics in the central–northern North Sea region of UK–Norway–Denmark  

Roberts, P., Jordan, O., Steen, Ø., Leppard, C., Janssen, J. S., Baudia, E., Ramm, A. and Helgesen, G. One North Sea fairway analysis: revealing opportunities through data integration across Scales

Myers, K., Rouillard, P. and Zanella, E. Exploration performance in the UK and Norwegian North Sea

Quirk, D. G., Underhill, J. R., Gluyas, J. G., Howe, M. J., Wilson, H. A. M. and Anderson, S.  A low-carbon future for The North Sea Basin 


Boscolo Gallo, A., Kilhams, B., de Keijzer, M. and Nicolai, C. Can thin coals be resolved in seismic data? An example of the challenges for Carboniferous (Visean to Westphalian) source-rock definition across the Elbow Spit Platform (Netherlands) and the Mid North Sea High (UK) through well synthetic modelling

Doornenbal, J. C., Kombrink, H., Bouroullec, R., Dalman, R. A. F., De Bruin, G., Geel, C. R., Houben, A. J. P., Jaarsma, B., Juez-Larré, J., Kortekaas, M., Mijnlieff, H. F., Nelskamp, S., Pharaoh, T. C., Ten Veen, J. H., Ter Borgh, M., Van Ojik, K., Verreussel, R. M. C. H., Verweij, J. M. and Vis, G.-J. New insights on subsurface energy resources in the Southern North Sea Basin Area

Daniels, S. E., Tucker, M. E., Mawson, M. J., Holdsworth, R. E., Long, J. J., Gluyas, J. G. and Jones, R. R. Nature and origin of collapse breccias in the Zechstein of NE England: local observations with cross-border petroleum exploration and production significance, across the North Sea 

Scisciani, V., Patruno, S., D’Intino, N. and Esestime, P. Paleozoic basin reactivation and inversion of the underexplored Northern North Sea platforms: a cross-border approach 


Archer, S. G., McKie, T., Andrews, S. D., Wilkins, A. D., Hutchison, M., Young-Ziolkowski, N., Osunde, C., Matheson, J., Thackrey, S., Lang, M., Sola, B., Mouritzen, C., Perrell, C., Greenwood, M., Mauritzen, E. and Tenepalli, S. Triassic mudstones of the Central North Sea: cross-border characterization, correlation and their palaeoclimatic significance

Gray, E., Hartley, A. and Howell, J. The influence of stratigraphy and facies distribution on reservoir quality and production performance in the Triassic Skagerrak Formation of the UK and Norwegian Central North Sea 

Orre, L. T. E. and Folkestad, A. Depositional environments of the Early to Middle Triassic northern North Sea in a syn-rift to a post-rift setting 

Galluccio, L., Foote, N., Bertouche, M., Kostic, B. and James, A. Preliminary assessment of dolomite stringers in the Upper Jurassic Farsund Formation as a potential unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir 


Pernin, N., Feuilleaubois, L., Bird, T. and Reiser, C. Identifying and de-risking near-field opportunities through reliable pre-stack broadband attributes: examples from the Paleocene North Sea (UK–Norway) injectites play

Karstens, J., Müller, P., Berndt, C. and Patruno, S. Deep-seated focused fluid migration as indicator for hydrocarbon leads in the East Shetland Platform, North Sea Province

Medvedev, S., Hartz, E. H., Schmid, D. W., Zakariassen, E. and Varhaug, P. Influence of glaciations on North Sea petroleum systems



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