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Active Volcanoes of China

Product Code: SP510
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. Xu, C. Oppenheimer, J. Hammond and H. Wei
Publication Date: 22 November 2021 (not yet published)
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Special Publication 510

Selected articles available via Online First from the Lyell Collection. What is Online First?

China is home to more than a dozen volcanoes that have erupted during the Holocene. Recent activity, such as the eruption of Ashikule in 1951 and unrest of Changbaishan during 2002–05, highlights the potential for future volcanic unrest and eruptions in the country. In 1999, a National Volcano Monitoring Network was established, inaugurating a programme of research and surveillance to understand the history and activity of China’s volcanoes. Much progress has been made since, advancing understanding in the areas of geology, geochemistry and geophysics, and supporting hazard mitigation planning. This Special Publication reports the wide-ranging outcomes of this work for the first time to the international community.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205407
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Weight: kg


Xu, J., Oppenheimer, C., Hammond, J. and Wei, H. Perspectives on the active volcanoes of China       

Wei, H., Zhao, B., Chen, Z. and Yu, H. Volcanic processes and magmatic evolution of Tianchi volcano, Changbaishan

Zhao, B., Xu, D., Bai, Z. and Chen, Z. Volcanism in the Longgang volcanic field of NE China: insights from eruption history, volcano types and geochemical characteristics

Bai, X., Wei, W., Yu, H. and Chen, Z. Petrogenesis and dynamic implications of the Cenozoic alkali basalts from the Jingpohu Volcanic Field, NE China

Chen, Z., Zhao, Y., Bai, X., Wei, W., Liu, Y. and Bai, Z. Wudalianchi volcanic field, NE China: tectonic setting, eruptive history, and geophysical insights

Zhao, Y.-W., Zou, H. and Li, N. Geomorphology and geochemistry of the Late Cenozoic volcanoes in the Halaha River–Chaoer River volcanic fields, western Greater Hinggan Mountain Range, NE China

Li, N., Zhao, Y.-W., Gong, L.-W. and Wang, J.-L. The Late Cenozoic volcanic groups in the South Daxing’anling, NE China: geology, geochemistry, and chronology

Hong, L., Zhang, Y., Zhang, L., Xu, Y.-G., Liu, Z. and He, P. Olivine chemistry of the Quaternary Datong basalts of the Trans-North China Orogen: insights into mantle source lithology and redox–hydration state

Xu, J., Zhao, B., Yu, H., Wei, F. and Chen, Z. Volcanic geology and petrochemistry of Ashikule volcanic field in western Kunlun Mountains of the Tibetan plateau

Zhao, B., Wei, F., Yang, W., Xu, J. and Cui, X. Cenozoic volcanism along Dahongliutan fault in the West Kunlun Mountains, China: implication from distribution of volcanic rocks, volcanic geology, and geochemistry

Yu, H., Zhao, B., Chen, Z., Wei, H., Yang, W. and Bai, X. Eruption history, petrogeochemistry, and geodynamic background of Tengchong volcanoes in Yunnan Province, SW China

Wei, F., Wei, W. and Yu, H. The Cenozoic volcanic fields in northern Hainan Island and the Leizhou Peninsula, south China: eruption history, magma source and dynamic background

Yu, W., Wei, W., Wei, F., Bai, X., Liu, S. and Xu, D. Magma plumbing system and origin of the intraplate volcanoes in Mainland China: an overview of constraints from geophysical imaging

Ji, L., Xu, J., Liu, L. and Zhang, W. A review of present-day deformation of active volcanoes in China between 1970 and 2013



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