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The Bowland Shale Formation, UK: Processes and Resources

Product Code: SP534
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited By: J.F. Emmings, J. Parnell, M.H. Stephenson, B.H. Lodhia
Publication Date: 02 July 2024
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Special Publication 534

This volume showcases recent geological, geophysical and geochemical research on the Carboniferous Bowland Shale Formation. The volume focuses on the key Carboniferous basins in the Midlands, northern England and North Wales. The Bowland Shale is perhaps the most controversial black shale unit in the UK. In the mid-2000s, attention turned to the Bowland Shale as a target for unconventional hydrocarbon exploration in the UK following success in the USA. This placed the Bowland Shale at the centre of a series of interconnected controversies and debates from the local to national scale. The geological credibility of the purported shale gas resource in the UK was – and continues to be – highly contentious. This volume contributes to a more updated view of the Bowland Shale, covering topics such as sedimentary, geochemical and physical properties and processes, basin-forming events, hydrocarbon prospectivity, mineralization and heat and fluid flow in the subsurface. The volume also includes a field guide to some of the key localities in the UK.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 28 June 2024

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205902
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 312
Weight: 0.9 kg


Emmings, J. F., Parnell, J., Stephenson, M. H. and Lodhia, B. H. An introduction to the Bowland Shale Formation, UK: processes and resources

Fraser, A. J., Lodhia, B. H. and Sims, M. J. E. A review of the Carboniferous shale gas potential of northern England: a data-based analysis of why it won’t work

Lodhia, B. H., Parent, A., Fraser, A. J., Nuemaier, M. and Hennissen, J. A. I. Thermal evolution and resources of the Bowland Basin (NW England) from apatite fission-track analyses and multidimensional basin modelling

Emmings, J. F., Hennissen, J. A. I., Vane, C. H., Damaschke, M., Marvin, L., Moss-Hayes, V., Lamb, A., Lacey, J., Leng, M. J. and Riley, N. J. The Bowland Shale Formation in the Blacon Basin: syngenetic processes, stacking patterns and heat productivity

Hennissen, J. A. I., Emmings, J. F., Raine, R., Hough, E., Vane, C. H., Page, M., Moss-Hayes, V., Lacey, J. and Leng, M. The Bowland Shale Formation in the Blacon Basin: palaeoecology and resource potential

Sims, M. J. E., Sephton, M. A., Watson, J. S., Fraser, A. J. and Vane, C. H. Biomarker evidence for the depositional environment of basinal UK Mississippian mudstones

Walker, J., Emmings, J. F., Acikalin, S., Flynn, S., van der Land, C., Jones, M., Vane, C. H., Hennissen, J. A. I., Hough, E., Wagner, T. and Craddock, L. Cross-basin Mo and U analysis of the Upper Mississippian Bowland Shale, UK

Beriro, D. J. and Vane, C. H. Infrared spectroscopy and chemometric modelling of organic carbon measured by Rock-Eval pyrolysis of UK shale rock

Pitcher, E. G., Fletcher, R. S., Large, D. J. and Rigby, S. P. Pore structure–transport relationships in the Bowland Shale

Ohiara, T. M., Taylor, K. G. and Dowey, P. J. Mineral diagenesis in a carbonate-rich mudstone: the Lower Carboniferous Hodder Mudstone, UK

Armstrong, J. G. T., Parnell, J., Boyce, A. J. and Perez, M. Trace element release from Bowland Shale into spring water in Lancashire

Parnell, J., Nwoko, K., Feldmann, J. and Armstrong, J. Speciation of trace elements in the Bowland Shale

Waters, C. N., Haslam, R. B., Emmings, J. F. and Riley, N. J. Guide to key Bowland Shale Formation outcrop localities in the Craven and Edale basins




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