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Geology resources for students, teachers and anyone interested in the Earth.

Latest Resources

rocks in space factsheet

Space Resources

Discover the geology of space with our Rocks in Space factsheet, and enjoy our various space themed activities including a Make your own Solar System pack and a Rocks in Space activity sheet. You can also download our fabulous new Rocks in our Solar System poster.

Deep Earth explorers resource image

Deep Earth Explorers resources

Seismology and Earth structure themed lessons aimed at KS3 and KS4 built around key concepts covered in maths and science syllabuses. Resources designed with teachers, students, outreach experts and scientific researchers to bring together accurate, relevant scientific concepts in fun and interactive ways.

Mary Anning factsheet

Mary Anning factsheet

Mary Anning was a famous fossil hunter from the 19th century. Find out about her life and her remarkable discoveries in our Mary Anning factsheet.



Posters on the carbon cycle, minerals in a smartphone and plate tectonics. Ideal for displaying in the classroom.

energy resources factsheets

Energy Resources

What are energy resources? What's the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy and why is this important? Find out about different energy resources in our factsheets,  presentations & activities.

Mineral resources game

Mineral Resources Card Game

Mineral resources card game developed for our 2018 Year of Resources. Print it off here!

mineral exploration activity

Mineral Exploration activity

Get your students to become exploration geologists as they try to decide which site will contain the most viable copper deposit.

Resources for Schools listed by education level

Key Stages, GCSEs and A Levels refer to the National Curriculum taught in England, Wales & Northern Ireland; Levels, Standards and Highers refer to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Primary School

Key Stage 1
1st Level

Ages 5 – 7

Key Stage 2
1st-2nd Level

Ages 7-11

Secondary School

Key Stage 3
3rd-4th Level

Ages 11-14

Key Stage 4
GCSEs / Nationals

Ages 14-16

Key Stage 5
A Levels / Highers

Ages 16-18

Find out more about how Earth science is taught as part of the UK curriculum



Download our fact sheets for teachers, school students and anyone interested in the Earth. Topics range from volcanoes and earthquakes to groundwater, minerals, energy and UK geology.

Plate Tectonic Stories Posters

We have produced A1 sized educational posters on plate tectonics for KS2-3 and KS4-5. 


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Classroom activities from primary school to A level.

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Explore geoscience careers and study options.
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