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TVRG Core surprise whats inside a plate boundary

12 May 2021
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Geological Society Events, Thames Valley Regional Group
Virtual event
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Zoom virtual conference - 18.55 for a 19.00 hrs start


Dr Lucy McKay completed an Integrated Masters in Geology at the University of St Andrews in 2016 followed by a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. She now works as an Assistant Engineering Geologist at COWI.

The core of the Highland Boundary Fault contains some surprising finds. Digging to expose the fault core near Stonehaven revealed a remarkable sequence of clay and microfossils ‘inside’ this ancient plate boundary fault. Surprisingly the fault core consists of four distinct clay-rich units that remain unmixed. The internal structure of the fault core (i.e., thickness, composition, microstructure) has similarities to active plate boundary faults like the San Andreas Fault. This talk will provide an overview of these surprising discoveries and discuss their implications for understanding how earthquakes behave at plate boundary faults.

For a taster of Lucy’s talk, you could check out her article in GeoScientist July 2020

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Thames Valley Regional Group

Thames Valley Regional Group