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Active Tectonics & Seismic Hazards of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Offshore Areas

Product Code: USPE385
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Paul Mann
Publication Date: 26 April 2005
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GSA Special Paper 385.

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands occupy a 450-km-long and 300-km-wide segment of the seismically active North America–Caribbean plate boundary zone. Geologic and seismological information on both onland and offshore plate boundary faults are critical for understanding the earthquake and tsunami hazards that these structures pose to a rapidly urbanizing island population of about 4 million inhabitants. This volume presents an integrated set of 15 chapters on the geological, geophysical, and seismological nature of late Quaternary plate boundary zone faults revealed by both onland and offshore studies. The volume chapters are grouped into four sections: (1) three introductory chapters establishing the regional tectonic setting of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and its offshore area using GPS-based geodesy and regional geologic information; (2) three chapters on the instrumental and historical seismicity of the region; (3) five chapters on the identification of late Quaternary faults in Puerto Rico and its shallow coastal areas using onland mapping, fault trenching, and offshore geophysical mapping; and (4) four chapters on seismic sources, ground amplification, and paleoliquefaction.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-8137-2385-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-8137-2385-3
Publisher: GSA
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 287
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Dedication • Part I: Introduction and Active Tectonic Setting • Introduction, Paul Mann • 1. GPS results from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands: Constraints on tectonic setting and rates of active faulting, Pamela E. Jansma and Glen S. Mattioli • 2. Neotectonics and subsidence of the northern Puerto Rico–Virgin Islands margin in response to the oblique subduction of high-standing ridges, Nancy R. Grindlay, Paul Mann, James F. Dolan, and Jean-Paul van Gestel • Part II: Studies of Instrumental and Historical Seismicity • 3. Ground-motion relations for Puerto Rico, Dariush Motazedian and Gail Atkinson • 4. Microseismic activity reveals two stress regimes in southwestern Puerto Rico, Victor Huérfano, Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade, and Gisela Báez-Sanchez • 5. Historical earthquakes of the Puerto Rico–Virgin Islands region (1915–1963), Diane I. Doser, Christina M. Rodriguez, and Claudia Flores • Part III: Identification of Late Quaternary Faults in Puerto Rico and Shallow Coastal Areas • 6. Reconnaissance study of Late Quaternary faulting along Cerro Goden fault zone, western Puerto Rico, Paul Mann, Carol S. Prentice, Jean-Claude Hippolyte, Nancy R. Grindlay, Lewis J. Abrams, and Daniel Laó-Dávila • 7. Toward an integrated understanding of Holocene fault activity in western Puerto Rico: Constraints from high-resolution seismic and sidescan sonar data, Nancy R. Grindlay, Lewis J. Abrams, Luke Del Greco, and Paul Mann • 8. Geologic evidence for the prolongation of active normal faults of the Mona rift into northwestern Puerto Rico, Jean-Claude Hippolyte, Paul Mann, and Nancy R. Grindlay • 9. Neotectonics of southern Puerto Rico and its offshore margin, Paul Mann, Jean-Claude Hippolyte, Nancy R. Grindlay, and Lewis J. Abrams • 10. Paleoseismic study of the South Lajas fault: First documentation of an onshore Holocene fault in Puerto Rico, Carol S. Prentice and Paul Mann • Part IV: Studies of Seismic Sources, Ground Amplification, and Paleoliquefaction • 11. A seismic source model for Puerto Rico, for use in probabilistic ground motion hazard analyses, Roland C. LaForge and William R. McCann • 12. Liquefaction susceptibility zonation map of San Juan, Puerto Rico, James V. Hengesh and Jeffrey L. Bachhuber • 13. Liquefaction induced by historic and prehistoric earthquakes in western Puerto Rico, Martitia P. Tuttle, Kathleen Dyer-Williams, Eugene S. Schweig, Carol S. Prentice, Juan Carlos Moya, and Kathleen B. Tucker • 14. Earthquake-induced liquefaction potential in western Puerto Rico using GIS technology, Emir José Macari and Laureano R. Hoyos • Index 


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