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Minutes and Resources are available from the links below. Resources from before May 2015, when the Committee was known as CHUGD, are archived.

Minutes & Meeting Papers:

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University Geoscience UK membership and committee


Membership of University Geoscience UK is open to all departments/schools in higher education institutions with teaching and/or research interests in geoscience. 

A membership fee is set annually, presently £60. Departmental/school representation at meetings is open to respective heads of department/school or their delegated substitutes. 


Meetings of University Geoscience UK are normally held twice a year, in spring and autumn. We aim to alternate the venue between Burlington House in London, and a university campus somewhere outside London. Additional meetings can be called at any time, and the Executive may meet more frequently. It is the responsibility of the Executive, through the Chairman and Secretary, to ensure that agendas are completed and circulated well in advance of meetings.

Minutes are taken during meetings, and these are circulated to all departmental/school heads and executive members as soon as possible thereafter. Correspondence to or from University Geoscience UK is through the Chairman and/or the Executive Secretary. Important items of correspondence are circulated between the two. Minutes of the meetings can be downloaded from the passworded Members' Page.

Current members

Institution UGUK member(s)
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Aberdeen
Head of School
Ann Simpson
Dr Dave Healy
Dr Colin P. North
Dr David Muirhead
Prof. John Underhill
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Dr Marie Busfield
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Prof Tim Reston (Head of School)
Dr Carl Stevenson
School of Applied Sciences
University of Brighton
Dr Kirsty Smallbone
School of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
Dr Pete Rowley
Prof. Alison Rust
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Prof. Richard Harrison
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Cardiff University
Prof Ian Hall (Head of Department)
Dr. Jenny Pike
University of Derby logo
School of Built and Natural Environment
University of Derby
Dr Stephen Lokier

School of Earth Sciences
University College Dublin
Prof. Peter Haughton
Darwin College
University of Cambridge

Prof Mary Fowler (Master)
Department of Earth Sciences
Durham University
Prof Jon Gluyas

Prof. Mark Allen

Tom Lees
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Dr Richard Herd
School of Geosciences
University of Edinburgh
Head of School
Dr Mark Chapman
Department of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Exeter
Prof Kip Jeffrey (Head of Department)
Prof. Robin Shail

School of Natural Sciences
National University of Ireland
Dr Peter Croot (Head of Department)
School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
University of Glasgow
Amanda Owen (UGUK Exec: Member)
Prof. Fin Stuart
Prof. Jaime Toney
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society
Heriot-Watt University
Dr. Alexis Cartwright-Taylor
Prof. Andreas Busch
Department of Psychology, Sport and Geography
University of Hertfordshire
Dr Tim Sands (Head of Department)
Department of Geography, Geology and Environment
University of Hull
Dr Rebecca Williams (UGUK Exec: Member)
Prof. Graham Ferrier
School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
Keele University
Dr Stuart Egan (UGUK rep)
Prof. Clare Holdsworth
Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment
Kingston University
Prof. Gavin Gilmore
Dr Penelope Wilson
Lancaster Environment Centre
Lancaster University
Dr Hugh Tuffen
Dr Jennie Gilbert
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds
Head of School
Dr Graham McLeod
Prof. Simon Kelley
School of Geography, Geology and the Environment
University of Leicester
Head of School
Prof Mike Lovell (UGUK Honorary Exec (Advisory Only))
Prof. Stewart Fishwick
Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences
University of Liverpool
Prof. Daniel Faulkner

Prof Peter Burgess (UGUK Exec: Member)
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Birkbeck College, University of London
Dr Charles Underwood (Head of Department)
Department of Earth Science and Engineering
Imperial College London
Prof. Tina van de Flierdt
Department of Earth Sciences
Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Kevin Clemitshaw
School of Earth Sciences
University College London
Prof. Paul Upchurch
Prof. Tom Mitchell
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Manchester
Prof. Ann Webb
Prof. Mike Burton
Prof. Kevin Taylor
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Newcastle University
Prof David Manning (UGUK rep)
Dr Mark Ireland
university of northampton logo
Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology
University of Northampton
Prof. Sian Davies-Vollum 
School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
The Open University
Dr Tom Argles
trinity college dublin logo
Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Dave Chew 
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Oxford
Mike Kendall (Head of Department)
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Plymouth
Prof. Mark Anderson
Dr Sarah Boulton
School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences
University of Portsmouth
Michelle Hale (Head of School)

Nick Koor
School of Ocean and Earth Science
University of Southampton
Prof. Andrew Cundy
Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
University of South Wales
Dr Ian Skilling
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of St Andrews
Head of School
British Geological Survey logo
British Geological Survey
Prof. Melanie Leng (Chief Scientist)

The Geological Society
Pete Loader (Chair, Education Committee)

Natasha Stephen (Director of Science and Engagement

UGUK Exec Committee


Nick Koor (
University of Portsmouth
Devolved responsibility: Public engagement; government policy and external relations (including UKRI)


Sian Davies-Vollum
University of Derby

Executive Secretary

Dave Healy (
University of Aberdeen


Mark Anderson 
University of Plymouth


Stewart Fishwick (University of Leicester) 
Devolved responsibility: Research agenda

Tom Lees (Durham University) 
Postgraduate member

Graham McLeod 
University of Leeds

Amanda Owen  
University of Glasgow 
Devolved responsibility: Undergraduate teaching lead

Pete Rowley (University of Bristol) 
Devolved responsibility: Recruitment and outreach lead

Rebecca Williams 
University of Hull
Devolved responsibility: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead



Office bearers of University Geoscience UK (the University Geoscience UK Executive) currently comprise Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary (with the support of an administrative secretary), treasurer, applied geology representative and large departments representative. 

Where possible, the makeup of the University Geoscience UK Executive should reflect the broad diversity of institutional type and location and so remains flexible. 

Membership of the Executive is normally drawn from present or past heads of department and is confirmed by election at a full meeting of University Geoscience UK. 

Travel expenses are normally available to University Geoscience UK office bearers.

Past Chairs

Past Chairs include:

  • Prof Malcom B Hart (University of Plymouth) 1996-1999
  • Dr Gordon Walkden (University of Aberdeen) 2000-2001
  • Dr Andrew Parker (University of Reading) 2001-2003
  • Prof Kathy Whaler (University of Edinburgh) 2003-2005
  • Professor Andy Rankin (University of Kingston) 2005-2007
  • Prof Jon Davidson (University of Durham) 2008-2010
  • Prof Mary Fowler (Darwin College, University of Cambridge) 2010-2012
  • Prof Mike Lovell (University of Leicester) 2012-2015
  • Prof Tim Minshull (University of Southampton) 2015-2018
  • Prof Mark Anderson (University of Plymouth) 2018 - 2020