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AGMs and OGMs

Forthcoming OGMs (Ordinary General Meetings)

New Fellows are elected at Ordinary General Meetings (OGMs). The dates for OGMs until June 2022 are as follows:

  • 30 June 2021
  • 22 September 2021
  • 23 November 2021
  • 02 February 2022
  • 06 April 2022
  • 22 June 2022

AGM (Annual General Meeting)

The AGM 2022 will take place on President's Day (8 June 2022) and will be held from 11am-12.30pm BST

Further details will follow, but if you have any questions, please email

Council for 2021/2022

Members of Council elected at the AGM on 9 June 2021 were:

  • Ms Ruth Allington
  • Miss Lucy Thomas
  • Dr Amanda Owen
  • Mr Martin Griffin
  • Prof Mark Allen
  • Dr Keith Myers
  • Mr Pete Loader
  • Dr Neil Frewin

Members of Council who retired at the AGM on 9 June 2021 were:

  • Mr Tom Backhouse
  • Dr Andrew Bloodworth
  • Mr John Booth
  • Mr Graham Goffey
  • Prof Chris King
  • Prof Bryne Ngwenya
  • Mr Nik Reynolds
  • Dr Helen Smyth

Please see our Council page for a full list of Council members.

Fellowship subscriptions

The following subscription rates for 2021-2022 were agreed at the AGM on 25 June 2021:

Annual Fee Category Description
Student member (candidate Fellow) Membership for students in upper secondary and undergraduate level education £15.00 
Fellow (postgraduate) Fellows studying MSc or PhD (full-time) £45.00 
Fellow (early career) 0-9 years of completing first degree (excluding career breaks)* £76.00 
Fellow (mid career) 10-14 years of completing first degree (excluding career breaks)* £76.00 
Fellow (experienced career) 15+ years from completing first degree (excluding career breaks)* £218.00
Fellow (retired)
Retired and not offering services
Fellow (emeritus) Retired and with 40+ years membership £74.00 
Fellow (concessions)
Reduced fees to support Fellows on maternity / paternity leave, career breaks,
unemployed and on low income
Senior Fellows Fellows with over 50 years continuous membership
Friends Non-professional membership for interested amateurs, Earth science graduates
in other professions and Earth science professionals who have left the profession
and Fellowship for more than 2 years

*Please contact the membership team to ensure the correct rate is applied