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Careers Leaflets


Our careers leaflets are available to download below:

Geology Career Pathways: Careers leaflet

For school students

Thoroughly updated and revised in April 2016 following the launch of our new careers mini-site, our leaflet/poster sets out the range of job sectors where geologists work, and the initial choices school students should make if they wish to enter the profession. Written in conjunction with the Earth Science Teachers' Association (ESTA) and University Geoscience UK.

Geology Career Pathways: Download the leaflet

Order the printed leaflet

  • To order printed leaflets (which fold out into a poster) free of charge please email Amy Ball

From a Geology degree to a career in teaching

Find out about using a degree in Geology, Geoscience or Earth Science as the basis for a career in teaching.

From a Geology Degree to a Career in Teaching

Geology Career Pathways: Online resource

For school and university students and those planning a career change