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Contaminated Land Group

Contaminated Land logoThe investigation and management of contaminated land is a multi-disciplinary science bringing together different geological specialisations (e.g. hydrogeology, engineering geology and geochemistry) together with other non-geological professionals (e.g. chemists, toxicologists, engineers).

This puts geoscientists at the forefront of efforts to develop the conceptual site models upon which robust and defensible contaminated land risk assessments depend, and makes the Geological Society the natural home for those specialising in this sector.

The Contaminated Land Group has the following aims:

Early careers

Career pathways and profiles - Contaminated Land

The Geological Society provide information on a career in contaminated land alongside career profiles for contaminated land specialists.  These are available on the main Geological Society website here and as part of the Geological Society's "Discover a Career" video series here.

Early career financial assistance

Each year the Geological Society awards a limited number of professional development bursaries of up to £2,000 to early career geologists, via the Distinguished Geologists Memorial Trust.

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Matthew Wright (WSP)

Vice Chair 

Alison Carruthers (Mott MacDonald)


Dhuliany (Dhuli) Littig (Systra)


Alison Carruthers (Mott MacDonald)

Publicity Lead

Lottie Harold (ARUP)

Web Editor

Aaron Moyle (Groundsure)

Other members

  • Ben Rees (GeoTechnology)
  • Danielle Evans (RSK)
  • James Rhys-Williams (Terra Firma)
  • John Henegahn (Sellafield)
  • Louise Stroud (ARUP)
  • Matt Logan (SLR)
  • Robert Tyler (Royal Borough Kensington Council)
  • Russell Corbyn (HSP Consulting)
  • Ruth Easterbrook (Egniol)
  • Theresa Cory (Environment Agency)

Early Career Sub-Committee


Oliver Gernon (ARUP)

Other Early Career Sub-Committee members

  • Aaron Moyle (Groundsure)
  • Abigail Brooks (Mott MacDonald)
  • Adam Packman (Mott MacDonald)
  • Dhuliany Littig (Systra)
  • Duncan Freeman (Royal Haskoning DHV)
  • Emily Reynolds (Mott MacDonald)
  • Ena Hyka (SLR)
  • Harriet Wood (Jacobs)
  • Lottie Harold (ARUP)
  • Oliver Gernon (ARUP)
  • Patrick Moore (Wardell Armstrong)