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Thames Valley Regional Group: Source-to-sink – a holistic Earth system approach for understanding sedimentary systems and aiding natural resource exploration

19 February 2020
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Evening meeting, Lecture, Regional Group
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Thames Valley Regional Group
Halliburton, Milton, Abingdon
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Source to sink 1

Dr Graeme Nicoll and Dr Benjamin Gréselle of Halliburton will discuss their current work on source-to-sink, and will discuss their involvement in helping to establish a multi-million-euro Innovative Training Network, funded by the European Commission, on the source-to-sink theme.

Source-to-sink may be as important to the energy industry in the 21st century as sequence stratigraphy was in the 20th. A bold statement, but one cannot simply look at the sediments in a basin in pure isolation anymore to be guaranteed economic success — the easy wins have already been achieved! We must zoom out and expand our scope of thinking and understanding of complex systems.

Source to sink 2Source-to-sink, or S2S for short, is at the cutting edge of integrated geoscience research. It is essentially a cross-domain Earth systems science approach for understanding the entire sedimentary system, enabling better prediction and assessment of reservoir quality, and reducing uncertainty in frontier exploration, asset development and production.

At its simplest level, source-to-sink requires an understanding of the complete drainage system, from the erosion of material in the hinterlands, through transport in drainage systems, to the final deposition of sediments in a basin. Every explorationist should be thinking: ‘Where has this package of sediment come from and how did it get here?’ 

These questions are not always easily answered, but asking them is the first step that begins a source-to-sink journey and creates a completely new mindset.

Please arrive from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start.

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97 Jubilee Avenue
Abingdon OX14 4RW


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Thames Valley Regional Group

Thames Valley Regional Group