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Earth Science Week 2018: Planktonic Pioneers at Nature Live

19 October 2018
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Workshop, Social event, Lecture
Organised by:
Natural History Museum
The Attenborough Studio, The Natural History Museum, London
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Planktonic foraminifera (forams) are microscopic marine fossils. Their shells record the chemical composition of the ocean they live in, making them important recorders of past oceanic and climatic conditions of the Earth.

The Henry Buckley Collection of Planktonic Foraminifera holds more than 20,000 individuals collected across the world and mounted on slides. Although his immense effort to amass the collection, Buckley (1939-2001) is relatively unknown in the foram world, but this is changing. 

The Buckley collection has been digitised and is helping scientists answer questions on marine ecology and ocean acidification. Join Dr Giles Miller and PhD student Marina Rillo to find out how this collection helps us understand our oceans and how it will help to train scientists of the future.

Venue: Attenborough Studio, The Natural History Museum

Cost: Free

Time: Various 

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Natural History Museum

Tel: +44 (0)20 7942 5725