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Geochemical Interpretation Tools for Exploration and Mining Geologists

12 November 2018
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Event type:
Workshop, Contributes to CPD
Organised by:
2018 Year of Resources
Linnean Society, Burlington House
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Geochemical Interpretation Tools for Exploration and Mining Geologists: Examples from SE Ireland, Finland and Sub-Saharan Africa

Multi-element trace geochemical surveys are a standard tool in detailed and regional geochemical exploration. Whilst in the past univariate anomaly detection along with a thorough analysis of ore element assemblages were considered routine interpretation workflows, affordable trace element geochemistry now provides the necessary tools to interpret bedrock geology, mineralisation systems and further applications in mining and mineral processing.

Most governmental geological surveys make regional geochemical datasets available which are of invaluable use to exploration geologists. The Tellus SE Ireland dataset will be investigated during this workshop and implications for regional prospectivity discussed.

Participants will be required to bring a laptop and ioGAS software which can be downloaded as a demo version from

The workshop aims to introduce the following themes:

  1. Geochemistry tools in mining and mineral exploration – examples from Ireland, Finland and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. Introduction to the Tellus SE Ireland dataset and regional geology
  3. Digests, analytical techniques and detection limits
  4. Dataset QC and ioGAS workflow overview
  5. Univariate anomaly mapping
  6. Ore element assemblages and mapping
  7. Applications of trace element geochemistry in regional mapping and mineral systems analysis

About the speaker:

Benedikt Steiner (ARSM CGeol EurGeol FHEA) is the MSc Programme Director of Exploration and Mining Geology at the Camborne School of Mines, UK, & a consultant to the mining industry through his consultancy firm XPLORE GLOBAL Ltd.

More information is available in the Flyer.

Time: 10am - 5.00pm
Location: Council Room – Linnean Society, Burlington House, W1J 0PG, London.
CPD: This course qualifies for CPD points under the CGeol and EurGeol scheme.

Contact: For enquiries and bookings please contact