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Lakeland Rocks: Tropical seas, raging deserts and ice ages

16 - 19 June 2019
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Endorsed CPD Course, Field Trip
Organised by:
Higham Hall College
Higham Hall College, Cumbria
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A further advanced course for people with some knowledge, or who have already attended our GEOLOGY OF THE LAKES: AN INTRODUCTION course. This course continues on from the ‘Ancient Rocks of Lakeland’ course, and examines the Carboniferous – present day.

The course will examine the Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic geology of the Lake District in detail, through a series of talks and practical sessions. We will investigate the tropical Carboniferous seas that teamed with life and the enormous river systems and equatorial swamps that followed. This is followed by a foray into Permo-Triassic deserts and Jurassic shallow seas, before finishing in the distinctly more frigid Quaternary!

The course provides detailed information on the late-Palaeozoic (Carboniferous-Permian), Mesozoic and Quaternary geology of the Lake District, as well mineral resources, provided via:

  • A series of PowerPoint presentations, 
  • A series of practical sessions, interspersed where appropriate within the presentations, to look at a large selection of rocks, minerals, fossils, thin sections and geological maps from the Lake District. A large selection of rocks, minerals and fossils from around the world are also available for students to handle.  
  • Several field trips to examine late-Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Quaternary geology in the Lake District and wider Cumbria area; all weather and fitness-levels of the group dependent. 

Date and Time

16 June 6:30 pm - 19 June 1:30 pm


Residential: £338 

Non-residential: £239 


Dr Annette McGrath (Leicester


Higham Hall College
Bassenthwaite Lake 
Cumbria CA13 9SH 

Venue contact details

Phone: 01768 776276

Endorsed by the Geological Society.

Convenor Contact

Higham Hall College

Tel: 017687 76276

Dr Annette Mcgrath