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NWRG: An introduction to horizontal wells

13 May 2021
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Evening meeting, Regional Group, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events, North West Regional Group
Virtual event
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Virtual via Zoom. 18.30hrs BST


Rick Brassington

Rick Brassington is a hydrogeologist with more than 40 years professional experience. He was employed in the UK public sector water industry from 1967 to 1991
when he entered consultancy. After working for major consultants, Rick started his own independent consultancy practice in 1998. Rick is the author of some 30 technical papers and scientific articles and two books on small water sources and field techniques in hydrogeology. He teaches at graduate and postgraduate level at several universities and has been the Visiting Professor of Hydrogeology in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University since 2007.

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This is really a history of my involvement with the design and construction of four horizontal water wells (HWs), the encouragement of other people to design one, and the prospect of three more. In principle, they are basically deep drainage pipes with a pump at one end and more recently a pump in the middle. Seven of the HWs are at golf courses with five being in the Southport dunes area where the wildlife protection is at its highest level. The HW does not cause as much drawdown as a conventional well and so it is approved by conservationists. Other advantages are that it is constructed of plastic materials that are all buried and so the projected life of the system is well over 70 years.


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