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Biostratigraphy A 21st Century Science

13 November 2019
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Specialist Group, Conference
Organised by:
Geological Society Events, Petroleum Group, Micropalaeontological Society
British Geological Survey, Keyworth
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Join us for a showcase of the applications of data science, machine learning and automation to biostratigraphy held as part of The Micropalaeontological Society Annual Meeting.

Data science is changing our everyday lives and will drive increased efficiency and insight in many aspects of geoscience, including biostratigraphy.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • machine assisted interpretation of microfossil data in terms of biozone/age and palaeoenvironments; 
  • data extraction and synthesis; 
  • automation of microfossil identification.


Organised by The Micropalaeontological Society with the support of SEPM and the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society.

Mike Simmons - Halliburton & NHM 

Jim Riding – BGS

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