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TVRG Conference - Field sketching

14 July 2021
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Geological Society Events, Thames Valley Regional Group
Virtual event
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Zoom virtual conference - 18.55 for a 19.00 hrs start


Emma Jude, BP

Emma Jude is a geologist at BP, and is also a trained fine artist who regularly exhibits her geologically-influenced landscape painting. She runs a non-profit organisation, the Draw Out Project, where she teaches ‘art to scientists and science to artists’ in partnership with museums and scientific organisations.

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The practice of field sketching is well-established within geological fieldwork techniques. Its value for improving quality of observations, record-keeping and improved recall cannot be overstated. It is often said, however, that a field sketch ‘should not be artistic’, and that the ability to draw does not impact one’s capacity to make field sketches. How true is this?

Through an exploration of classical drawing techniques taught since the Renaissance, we can draw a clear parallel between the separation of ‘observation and interpretation’ in fine arts techniques and in field observations. We can also demonstrate, in a number of simple exercises, how applying some basic drawing approaches can improve the speed, quality and accuracy of field sketching for non-artist geologists.

This is a FREE virtual event.

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Thames Valley Regional Group

Thames Valley Regional Group