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Groups and Networks

Regional Groups

There are 15 Regional Groups in the UK and one in Hong Kong. These groups organise scientific, technical, professional and social events locally. Professional matters are high on the agenda of the groups, which are an essential means of disseminating information and gathering opinion. Representatives meet at least once a year through the Regional Groups Committee, which reports to the Society's Professional and Chartership Committee. 

All Fellows, Candidate Fellows and Junior Candidate Fellows are allocated to a Regional Group based on their correspondence address provided at the time of application. View the postal district table and individual groups.

Specialist Groups

The Society has 22 Specialist Groups, catering for most aspects of modern Earth science. Members of the Society are free to join as many of these groups as they wish. Some groups are not restricted to Society members, and may charge an additional membership fee.

All Specialist Groups are assigned representatives to the Science Committee, who are responsible for communications between committees.

The Specialist Groups have preferential access to use of Burlington House, and we have a number of conference packages available to support Specialist Group events.


Several specialist commissions report through the Society.


Environment Network The Environmental Network was established to promote and develop all aspects of environmental geoscience, putting environmental issues centre-stage within the Society.
Higher Education Network (HEN) HEN works to engage with the higher education community, bringing together researchers and teachers to develop and discuss best practice in areas of shared interest.
Early Career Network The Early Career Network's key aim is to provide support and guidance for professional development across all sectors of geoscience, recognising the varied needs of those in different sectors and career stages.

Group events

You can find out about events organised by our groups by searching our event listings. Details of selected forthcoming meetings are also listed in the Society's magazine, Geoscientist.

Group field trips: insurance information and safety procedures

The Society’s insurance covers Specialist and Regional Group field trips in the UK if they are non-hazardous. The public liability insurance covers third party injury or damage to property, for example if a participant on a field trip hurt themselves or broke their camera, but a claimant would have to prove that the Society had been negligent.

For details please download the PDF below, which includes Risk Assessment Guidance Notes and a Field Excursion Risk Assessment and Safety Plan for Groups to complete where necessary. Also included is Safety Information for Field Excursion Leaders & Participants.