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Launch checklist for Institutional Administrators​

Below is our checklist for what you can do to prepare for our platform migration on 20 July. We know that publisher migrations add to the workload of our already busy librarian customers, and we appreciate the time you put into making this a smooth transition.

A few reminders and updates

  • If you need to make changes to your HighWire administrative account before 24 June, please contact Any changes made to your HighWire administrative account after 24 June will not be migrated to the new platform.​
  • You can find answers to some frequently asked questions from our institutional customers about the coming updates on Lyell Collection Migration FAQs
  • Log in reminder information can be found here.

Prelaunch (before 20 July 2022)​

  • Confirm your journal entitlements. Note what content you currently have access to according to your current subscription so you can confirm you have access on Atypon platform.​
  • Prepare for link resolver, URL, discovery layer, and ERM changes. Examine your system’s requirements. Will updates to records occur through an automated process through your vendor, or do you need to deactivate any old records and activate new records? Do you need to update any URLs? Note: As a result of the migration, URLs will be changing. Permanent redirects will be in place to ensure continuity of access.​
  • Gather usage statistics. Pull all historic usage statistics from HighWire before 20 July. COUNTER 5 reports will only be available on the HighWire platform until 19 July. In order to assist libraries with this transition, COUNTER 4 reports from 2014 to the last day of access on HighWire will be available as ZIP files on Atypon by October. Prelaunch (before 20 July 2022).

Administrator Configuration​

  • Activate your Institutional Administrator account. Beginning on 1 July, site administrators will have access to the new Atypon Institutional Administrative Portal. On that day, activation emails will be sent to the site administrator listed on the account. We ask that you please activate your account as soon as possible to ensure access to the portal and to familiarize yourself with the new platform.​
  • Review and update your institutional IPs and federated access methods. From 20 July onward, the access methods you configure here will determine how authorized users can view fulltext subscription content. Please note that any changes you make will not be reflected in the access provided through HighWire prior to launch.​
  • Update your SUSHI APIs. If you are using SUSHI to automatically download COUNTER reports, please note that you will need to change the settings in your SUSHI client for the Atypon platform. The new SUSHI request URL, Requestor ID, and Customer Reference ID can be found in the “Usage Reports” section.​
  • Update third-party access authentication. Update your proxy server information. The new stanza is available from OCLC. EZProxy updates must be made no later than 20 July.
  • Usage reports are available for each of the individual parts of the collection. Please click here for more information.
  • Log in reminder information can be found here.


  • Verify your library administration account information. Check your IPs and identify your proxy IP address, contact information, username, and email address. If you used Shibboleth authentication on the old platform, you will need to check/verify settings in the new platform.​
  • Update usage statistics links. Atypon will begin collecting usage on 20 July and reports can be downloaded from the Atypon Institutional Administrative Portal in September. The new URL to view usage statistics, along with SUSHI harvesting instructions, can be found in the Institutional Administrative Portal.​
  • Verify your access to purchased entitlements. Your active institutional subscription titles should appear under the “Access Entitlements” section of your institutional account, and end users should be able to view fulltext and PDF article content through the access methods you configured previously. If you encounter any access issues, please alert immediately.​