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Meeting proposals

Benefits of convening a conference at The Geological Society

  • Knowledge sharing
    Geological meetings provide a platform for scientists, researchers, and professionals to share their latest findings, research projects, and discoveries. This fosters knowledge exchange and keeps the community informed about the latest developments in the field.
  • Networking opportunities
    Organising a geological meeting allows you to connect with experts and peers in your field. It can enhance your professional network, leading to collaborations, job opportunities, and valuable insights.
  • Actively contributes to ongoing career progression
    Visit this page for further info about what counts as CPD.
  • Community building
    Geological meetings foster a sense of community among geologists. They bring together people who share a passion for the subject, promoting camaraderie and a sense of belonging.
  • Publication opportunities
    Many geological meetings result in proceedings or special journal issues where attendees can publish their research, further disseminating their findings. For more information on proposing a Special Publication or thematic set, please contact David Boyt, Head of Editorial Development, at
Quote from a conference convenor

Below is a guide to how our conferences run:

Timeline showing the process of submitting an event

Next steps

Please click the link below to submit your form, and we will be in touch shortly.

Conference Proposal Form

Conference Proposal Form - additional information

  • At least one convenor has to be a Fellow of the Geological Society.
  • Proposals should be submitted at least nine months before the intended date of the conference.
  • Proposals are subject to discussion through the Science Committee, who will provide feedback.
  • You may submit this form for an in-person conference, virtual webinar or hybrid event.

Other ways to get involved

Be part of our dynamic programme of Scientific Theme events:

As part of our multi-year strategy, the Society seeks to advance multidisciplinary Earth Science to inform global issues. To meet this aim, we have established five strategic Scientific Themes: Energy Transition, Geohazards, Geoengineering & Georesilience, Climate & Ecology, Planetary Science, and Digital Geoscience.

These themes cut across the Society’s policy, outreach, and education work, and serve as the focus of the conference programme. The themes are led by one or more theme leaders, and encompass the Society’s specialist groups as well as various committees. The themes are overseen by the Director of Science and Communications.

  • The Society holds two to three hybrid events per year under the banner of our strategic science themes. The conferences are organised by the theme leaders. If you would like to put forward ideas or express interest in getting involved in convening a theme meeting, please contact the conference team at
  • If you are interested in running a Training Course in line with our Scientific Themes, or have ideas to contribute, please contact