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Online content alerts

Sign up to receive emails alerts for each new issue or article in the Lyell Collection. 

Content alerts are available for the following journals and books:

  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
  • Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Geoenergy
  • Scottish Journal of Geology
  • Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society
  • Special Publications
  • Engineering Geology Special Publications 
  • Memoirs

1. Visit

2. Click on "Log in | Register", then "Individual Login | Register". Login with your email address and password (or register as a new user).

3. Click on "Alerts"
Lyell Collection alerts

4. Select the alerts you would like to receive

"New issues" tab = journal issue / book volume email alerts

"Ahead of Print" tab = article email alerts

Lyell Collection alerts

5. Scroll down and click "Submit"
Lyell Collection alerts

"Ahead of Print" alerts for newly published articles can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. The default is daily. Go to "Ahead of Print" and change the frequency if required and then click "Submit".

To edit alerts click on "Alerts" in the header, select or de-select the publications required on the "New Issues" and "Ahead of Print" tabs before clicking "Submit".

You do not have to be a member or a subscriber to receive content email alerts.