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Renewal FAQs

We hope this page can answer any questions you may have about renewing your membership.

If you still need advice, or haven't received your renewal, please email quoting your Fellowship number.

General queries

Renewal reminders are sent out mid-October with details of existing subscriptions and Fellowship options (e.g. Chartership).

  • Debit or credit card: if you pay by debit/credit card you will receive an email. The email will include details of how to access our secure members' portal (MyGSL), through which you can pay your fees using all major payment options. You can also make changes to your renewal within the portal.
  • Cash or cheque: if you pay by cash/cheque or require a paper renewal form, please contact
  • Telephone: you also can pay using our 24-hour automated telephone payment service. Call +44 (0)330 088 3447 to make your payment. Once you have made the payment, you will receive an email receipt within one week.

If you have not received an email, please contact

To notify us of any changes to an address or name, you can log in to the MyGSL portal and update your details.

We strongly advise you to renew before 1 December 2020, so that we can send you your membership card. Non-payers will not have access to free journals and other services after 31 March 2021.

In accordance with the Society's Bye-laws, the final deadline for renewals is 30 June 2021. Every Fellow has over eight months in which to pay the fees, and any Fellow who has not paid by that date is thereafter removed from Fellowship.

If you are unable to access the MyGSL portal, please first attempt to reset your password. Select 'Login', then 'Forgotten Password'.

Enter your email address and select 'Request Password Reset'. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set a new password.

Still unable to login? Please contact to ensure that we have your correct email address on record.

Email the Society at If your payment method is Direct Debit, you should do this immediately so we can stop your installment(s) from being collected.

Subscription queries

To make changes to your journal or subscription choices, please contact the Fellowship department via

Fellows can sign up to receive emails alerting them to the publication of each new issue in the Lyell Collection.

Follow the instructions on the online journal alerts page for more information.

The Geological Society of London’s owned and co-owned journals will move to electronic-only publication from January 2021. This means that Journal of the Geological Society, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geoscience and Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis will cease appearing in print. Print copies will continue to be produced for other journal titles and books, including Geological Society of London Special Publications.

The popularity of the Society’s journals continues to increase and the restrictions of a print-led publication model are adversely impacting the service and experience for authors. The removal of print will be accompanied by a move to a continuous publication model that will allow the authoritative version of articles to be published more quickly. Alongside modernisation of the Society’s publications and improvements to author service, there are compelling environmental reasons to cease printing journals and so help to reduce the Society’s carbon footprint.

We appreciate that this might be disappointing to those Fellows who opt to pay for a print copy. Information on how to access your chosen online journal(s) can be found on our Fellows' access page.

Payment/Direct Debit queries

Yes, you will receive a receipt by email. This will normally be sent once your payment is processed, to the email address attached to your Fellowship record.

You will need to pay for any amendments after renewal separately by card. These amendments will be saved in your Fellowship record and will be incorporated into your Direct Debit payment for next year's renewal.

You will need to complete and return a new Direct Debit form for the new account. Direct Debit payments start at the beginning of November, and any changes to an existing payment must be made by 20 October 2020.

You will need to contact the Fellowship Office before 20 October 2020 to make any changes which will affect the amount due.

The automated telephone payment service is available 24 hours per day on +44 (0)330 088 3447. To make a payment you will need your Fellowship number and your date of birth.

  1. Dial the number and you will be prompted for your Fellowship number.
  2. You will then be asked to enter your six-digit date of birth (ddmmyy).
  3. The system will then confirm your Fellowship number and the amount due.
  4. You can then pay using the details from your VISA, Mastercard, Amex or debit card.
  5. You will then be issued with a receipt via email within one week. The system is updated once per week, so please bear this in mind if you wish to make changes to your subscriptions or Fellowship record.

Fee/concession queries

Fees for 2021 are calculated using your age on 31 December 2020. Where we do not hold a date of birth, we automatically apply the fee level for members aged 34 to 59 years old.

If you think we may not have your date of birth, or seem to have incorrect information, please add your correct details via the MyGSL portal.

You can find out more about fee categories on our fees page.

Fees are calculated on the basis of age, so please check your renewal against the fee categories shown on our fees page to see if the amount we've asked for is correct.

Our current fees for those aged 60 and over are as follows:

  • Aged 60-64: £143.00
  • Aged 65-69: £109.00
  • Aged 70 or over: £74.00, regardless of whether you are still working

If you have taken early retirement and are paying the full fee (£218), please contact the membership team via

We may be able to help - please complete our concession request form.

Please note that if you are unemployed but seeking work and would like to apply for concession, please send your request after 1 January 2021.

Concessionary rates are normally available to Fellows who have paid the full fee (i.e., the 34 to 59 bracket) for five years.

Please contact the Fellowship department via

Please add a note to tell us what you are studying, where you are studying (including the department), and the date you expect to finish.

It is possible that your Fellowship record contains incorrect details about your course.

Please email, confirming both the date that your course ends and that you have paid in advance. We will undertake the necessary checks and get back to you.

If you are retired and no longer practising you may qualify for a reduced CGeol fee (£20). Please update your employment status in MyGSL to 'to ‘Retired and not offering services’ before renewing your membership and the system will calculate the fee when you renew online.

If you are a Direct Debit payer, please contact the Fellowship department via before 20 October 2020.

Overseas queries

If you are aged between 34 and 59 and you live/work outside the UK/Europe, you may apply for the discounted overseas rate of £167.00. The rate will be calculated within the MyGSL portal.

Please contact the Fellowship department via if you require any assistance. 

Please note that other age brackets already carry a discount and a further discount is not applicable.

Please ensure your address is up to date within the MyGSL portal. This should ensure that your fee is calculated correctly.