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Geoscience and Policy

As the national forum for the debate and development of cutting edge Earth science, the Geological Society has a special responsibility to communicate this science and its importance to society, the Government, the media, other scientific communities and the general public.

Our Policy Team engages with Parliament, Government, industry and academia to fulfil this purpose. Meet the team and find out how you can get in touch.

Get involved

In developing our consultation and inquiry responses, we are keen to have the input of as many Fellows as possible, with a range of perspectives and expertise relevant to the issue at hand.

If you would like to be notified by email when a consultation or inquiry opens, or if you would be interested in providing technical input for our policy briefing notes, please email, or sign up to our database of expertise.

What we do

Our policy work aims to communicate technical geoscience information as and where it relates to public policy, to raise awareness of geoscience considerations in UK policymaking for the benefit of science, profession and society, and to seek out and maintain relationships with organisations both in the UK and around the world. Our core policy work centres on: 

  1. Communicating geological information to support evidence-based policy making
  2. Communicating the value and importance of geoscientific knowledge and education
  3. Supporting Fellows (members) in communicating their expertise and engaging with policy making
  4. Hosting and attending policy-relevant meetings to foster relationships and connect with stakeholders

Communicating geological information to support evidence-based policy making

  • Responding to parliamentary inquiries from the House of Commons and House of Lords Select Committees
  • Responding to Government consultations launched by a number of departments, including the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs
  • Representing the geological community

Communicating the value and importance of geoscience knowledge

  • Collating, summarising and communicating state-of-the-art, relevant geoscientific information to policy makers, the media, the Government, Parliament, other scientists and the general public
  • Building and maintaining a database of expertise within the Society from which we can draw the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge
  • Forming independent advisory panels of experts to advise Government on specialist matters, such as the National Geological Screening for the geological disposal of radioactive waste
  • Writing and publishing policy documents and topical briefs on geoscience matters as they relate to relevant policy topics

Supporting Fellows in engaging with policy making

Keep up-to-date with our Policy activities by following us @GeolSoc on Twitter, or email us at

You can also sign up to our database of expertise – we will contact you when we need expert input on a range of geoscience topics as they relate to current policy work.

Get in touch to see how we can work with you!

Hosting and attending policy events to foster relationships and connect with stakeholders

  • Hosting discussion sessions and multi-disciplinary panels at our wide range of conferences, meetings and other events taking place at the Society annually
  • Representing the geoscience community at key events across the devolved nations of the UK

How we do our policy work

PersonPlaceholder  Responding to consultations and issuing public statements

PersonPlaceholder  Convening independent panels and advisory groups

PersonPlaceholder  Involvement with policy events and scientific meetings

Meet the team

To contact the Policy Team, please email

Megan O'Donnell - Head of Policy and Communications

megan o donnell head of policy and communicationsMegan is responsible for overseeing the Geological Society’s policy work; providing geological information to support evidence-based policy making, communicating the value and importance of geoscience knowledge and skills, and representing the geological community to stakeholders across society, the Government, the media, other scientific communities and the public. Megan leads on the Society’s responses to Government consultations and parliamentary inquiries, and Government and parliamentary engagement. She also leads on the Society’s strategic policy work, producing statements and policy briefing notes, and the development of associated activities such as policy-adjacent events and conferences.

Katie Jones - Policy & Communications Officer

Katie supports the delivery of the Society’s strategic objectives in the areas of policy and communications and contributes to wider areas of outreach and education where required. Katie advocates for the Earth Sciences and supports the geoscience community, working to communicate the role of geoscience and geoscientists within critical policy issues. Katie also supports with delivering the Society's communications strategy across the website, social media and blog.