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Free online access for Fellows


Fellows can now access 'Petroleum Geology: From Mature Basins to New Frontiers – proceedings of the 7th Petroleum Geology conference (PGC7)' for free in the Lyell collection.

Open Access Week

International Open Access Week

Open Access Week is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access. Look out for Open Access Content from the Geological Society in the coming week.


New Book Published

This volume describes and provides ready access to the literature for all known occurrences of alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites of Antarctica, Asia and Europe excluding the former USSR, Australasia and oceanic islands.

New Paper Published

Geoscience and decarbonization: current status and future directions

Discover the beautiful, bizarre, violent and mysterious world of the ocean...

Beyond Extinction by Wolfgang Grulke

Dinosaur tracks

A sauropod-dominated tracksite discovered on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Middle Jurassic dinosaur fossils are rare, now new discoveries fill that gap.


The Society founded its current Publishing House in Bath, UK in 1988. It is now a major international Earth science publisher and is dedicated to providing a high-quality service to Earth scientists throughout the world. The Society publishes a diverse range of books and journals, with over 10,000 pages of new peer-reviewed geoscience literature being made available every year. 

In addition to its own publications, the Publishing House is the European distributor for AAPG and SEPM titles. The Society also publishes and distributes book titles for IAVCEI, TMS and IUGS, as well as journals for a number of other UK-based Societies.
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The Lyell Collection: Geological Society Publications Online

The Lyell Collection is one of the largest integrated collections of Earth science literature in the world comprising 260,000 pages, 26,000 articles and 1,000 volumes.
Geology Of Series

The 'Geology of' Series…

Discover The Geological Society's ‘Geology of’ series. Click to view a list of the available titles.

Special Publications series

Special Publications are our flagship series, renowned throughout the global geoscience community for their high quality of science and production. We currently publish around 20 new volumes every year.


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