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Reviewer thank you

Our reviewers play a vital role in ensuring the Geological Society of London’s publications are of the highest standard and the peer review process is rigorous. 

We are grateful for their time and expertise, and would like to extend a big thank you to all of our reviewers in 2020 who we have listed below.

Geological Society of London Top Reviewers 2021

Special thanks go to those reviewers who not only reviewed multiple papers for one of our publications but also to those reviewers who reviewed papers across multiple GSL publications. Some notable GSL reviewers in 2020 are:
  • Markus Aretz (University of Toulouse, France )
  • Michael Anenburg (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Stephen Buss (Stephen Buss Environmental Consulting Ltd, UK)
  • Anthony Doré (Energy and Geoscience Institute, UK)
  • Evelyn Kustatscher (Museum of Nature South Tyrol, Italy)

Journal of the Geological Society

JGS Top Reviewer 2021

Each year, JGS selects a top reviewer based on number of reviews completed, speed and overall rating.
We are pleased to announce that Craig Magee (University of Leeds, UK) is the JGS top reviewer for 2021. He will receive an SP of his choice.
Rounding out the list of our top reviewers: Kai Cao (China University of Geosciences, China) and Greg Edgecombe (Natural History Museum, UK)

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

QJEGH Top Reviewer 2021

QJEGH has selected two top reviewers based on Editor feedback, number of reviews and speed of the review.

We are pleased to announce that both Omid Yamini (K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran) and Qingyu Zhang (China University of Geosciences , China) are the top reviewers for 2021 and will both receive an SP of their choice.

A list of previous top reviewers can be found here

Special thanks go to these top reviewers as well as all the reviewers listed below who have offered their time and effort in 2021.

Abbott, Mark
Aitchison, Jonathan
Alcalde, Juan
Altenbernd, Tabea
Archer, Stuart
Argent, John
Armstrong-Altrin, John
Attree, Mark
Ayers-Morgan, Judith
Baldwin, Adam
Bamford, Maurice
Besly, Bernard
Beunk, Frank
Bingen, Bernard
Bird, Ken
Blight, Richard
Bowman, Mike
Brekke, Harald
Brenna, Marco
Brown, Stephen
Campbell, Hamish
Campbell, Matthew
Cawood, Peter
Clift, Peter
Cluzel, Dominique
Cole, Jim
Colleran, John
Craw, Dave
Cuthbert, Simon
Czertowicz, Tom
Dafoe, Lynn
Daniels, Susan
Darke, Mike
del Carlo, Paola
Dempsey, Eddie
Dennis, Hugh
di Roberto, Alessio
Doubleday, Paul
Drachev, Sergey
Durham, Martin
Elliot, David
Ellis, Dave
Embry, Ashton
Evans, Nigel
Exon, Neville
Fallas, Karen
Flowerdew, Michael
Gamble, John
Garrett, Steve
Gilham, Rod
Gill, Caroline
Giordano, Guido
Gluyas, Jon
Goffey, Graham
Goodfellow, Fiona
Granot, Roi
Grant, Neil
Grasby, Steve
Hansen, Kenneth
Hanson, Richard
Harding, Alyson
Hayward, Bruce
Henderson, Jim
Henriksen, Erik
Hergt, Janet
Herrington, Paul
Hodgkinson, Richard
Hole, Malcolm
Homza, Thomas
Howlett, Paul
Hutchinson, Deborah
Insley, Martin
Ireland, Trevor
Jaffey, Noah
Jeans, Chris
Johannessen, Erik P
Johansson, Leif
Johnston, Michael (Mike)
Jugum, Dushan
Kape, Stephanie
Kereszturi, Gabor
Kettle, Simon
Kimura, Junichi
Kirk, Wayne
Kombrink, Henk
Landis, Chuck
Lara, Luis
Larson, Sven Ake
Law, Adam
Lawton, David
Leat, Philip
LePain, David
Lynch, Jeremy
Malyshev, Nikolay
Marti, Joan
Mckie, Tom
McMurray, Trevor
Merryweather, Marilyn
Milne, Keith
Mohr, Peter
Möller, Charlotte
Moody, Darren
more, colin
Morrow, David
Mortimer, Andy
Naylor, Helen
Németh, Karoly
Nicholson, Hugh
Nystuen, Johan Petter
Offer, David
Pankhurst, Robert
Panter, Kurt
Parkinson, Neil
Pedrazzi, Dario
Petrone, Chiara
Pompilio, Massimo
Pritchard, Graham
Purvis, Kevin
Quilty, Pat
Rattenbury, Mark
Redfern, Professor Jonathan
Rice, Samuel
Ricketts, Brian
Risso, Corina
Robertson, Alastair
Rose, Philip
Ross, Pierre-Simon
Sagar, Matt
Schenk, Christopher
Schersten, Anders
Schindlbeck, Julie
Scott, James
Scotting, Mike
Shi, Guang
Shimeld, John
Silcock, Simone
SIms, Andy
Skilling, Ian
Slagstad, Trond
Smellie, John
Smelror, Morten
Smith, Rebecca
Stratford, Wanda
Strogen, Dominic
Stronach, Nick
Stump, Edmund
Sulpizio, Roberto
Taylor, Gordon
Townsend, Dougal
Toy, Virginia
Turnell, Helen
van der Meer, Quinten
Vining, Bernie
Viola, Giulio
Waight, Tod Earle
Waldron, John
Ward, Gavin
Ward, Kelsey
Ware, Debbie
Williams, Lucy
Woerner, Gerhard
Young, David
Zanella, Edwige