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Schools Affiliate Scheme

group of school children at an outdoor space exhibition

Geology, although often not a stand alone subject within schools, is covered across all the science disciplines – chemistry, physics and biology as well as in geography. 

At the Geological Society we can provide support to those schools wishing to understand more about Earth sciences and how to incorporate examples within the National Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Benefits of joining

The Society can provide the following supporting material to schools as part of the Schools Affiliate Scheme:

  schools affiliates newsletter front cover   geology careers pathways   rock cycle factsheet
Quarterly copy of Geoscientist Magazine
  Email newsletters - with information on new Earth Science related educational resources, events etc. Schools can also offer their own material for inclusion   Information about careers in Earth Sciences   Online Resources organised by Key Stage and age group, including Factsheets, Activities & Presentations and Posters plus one printed poster of your choice.

female student with books in hand with other students seated at desks in the background   female geologist taking samples from a rock face   attendees seated in a lecture theatre  
The opportunity for students to become a Student Member   Information about our accredited geology degrees.
  Access to our free Public Lectures, as well as other Society events from time to time.   

Join online for free

The Schools Affiliate Scheme is free of charge and open to all schools within the UK and Northern Ireland. 

To apply please complete the online application form 

Please note that if you apply to be a Schools Affiliate from outside the UK you will not be able to receive our Geoscientist subscription.

Access School Resources by Age and Level

Key Stages, GCSE's and A Levels refer to the National Curriculum taught in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Levels, Standards and Highers refer to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Key Stage 1 (first level) Ages 5-7

Key Stage 2 (1st-2nd level) Ages 7-11

Key Stage 3 (3rd-4th level) Ages 11-14

Key Stage 4 (GCSE's, Nationals) Ages 14-16

Key Stage 5 (A Levels. Highers) Ages 16-18

Schools Geology Challenge

schools geology challenge with a green crystal in the right hand corner

Find out more about our fantastic annual competition for schools