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2021 Year of Space

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2021 will be the Geological Society’s themed Year of Space!

The thematic year programme, as set by the Society’s Science Committee, aims to raise the profile of geoscience, promote public engagement, and provide exciting, informative, and inspiring themes around which to frame our education, outreach, conferences, publications, meetings, and other activities throughout the year.

The Year of Space will see the Society direct its gaze upwards, beyond the earth beneath our feet, towards the lesser explored corners of our universe. Space science seeks to answer some of life’s biggest questions - why are we here, how did life evolve, and are we alone? 

To answer these questions, space and planetary scientists search for clues in the rocks, dust, gas and other matter which help them understand the formation and development of planets, moons, stars and perhaps other life in our universe. Space also offers scientists a novel platform from which to study the Earth; using remote sensing and satellite technology to obtain high resolution spatial and temporal data detailing our planet’s state and rate of change.

Space science relies on the observation and measurement of many characteristics largely un-observable with the naked eye, the ability to deal with long timescales, and to visualise interconnected systems at vast scales - a trio of skills honed by geologists in the study of the internal planetary processes, rock systems beneath our feet and the landscapes we see all around us. Exploring space offers us the ability to expand our horizons; conducting fieldwork, taking samples, measuring, and observing at the very limit of our capabilities.

Throughout 2021 the Society will explore the geoscience of space through research conferences, lectures, our education programme and other activities.

Images: © NASA/ESA

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