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Tectonic Studies Group

Tectonic Studies Group

The Tectonic Studies Group (TSG) promotes research in structural geology and tectonics by:

  • Convening 'Thematic Meetings' on topical issues
  • Holding an annual 'research in progress' meeting which encourages contribution from postgraduates
  • Awarding the Ramsay medal and other prizes at its annual meeting
  • encouraging collaboration with industry, other geoscience disciplines and fellow tectonic research organisations
  • Funding early career researchers and organising field trips

Membership is open to anyone who attends a TSG meeting.

TSG elsewhere online

Visit our website for information on the group and our activities, events, awards and prizes.

We also tweet from @TSG_since1970.

Our events

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Ake Fagereng


Laura Gregory


Tara Stephens


TSG use the GEO_TECTONICS mailing list as it’s main source of information dissemination.

Administered by John Whalley it can be joined by sending a one line email message to:

The text of the message should be:

join geo-tectonics - your first name - your last name

The list, since it’s inception, has become much broader than TSG, but it is a great way of keeping up to date with research and issues in structure and tectonics.