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Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group


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The VMSG exists to promote and advance the study of physical volcanology, igneous geochemistry and petrology, volcano geophysics and related subjects by:

  • stimulating wider interest in volcanic and magmatic processes
  • facilitating the exchange of information between members of the Group and with others working in similar fields of interest 
  • convening meetings, workshops, seminars and field visits on themes of interest to Group members 
  • publications 
  • encouraging research, teaching and practical application.

The minutes of the latest AGM may be found on the VMSG website.

Other sponsoring organisations

Mineralogical Society

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VMSG Student Bursaries

The Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group runs two bursary schemes for student researchers to attend & present at conferences & international workshops. 

Bursaries are awarded up to a maximum of £300The next deadline is 1 June for the bursary period 1st August - 31st January.

Executive committee

Professor Sally Gibson (Chair) - University of Cambridge

Dr Sami Mikhail (Treasurer) - University of St Andrews

Dr Janine Kavanagh (Secretary) - University of Liverpool

Ordinary members

Dr James Hickey (social media) - University of Exeter

Professor Jenni Barclay (newsletter) - University of East Anglia

Dr George Cooper (field trips) - University of Durham

Dr Jackie Kendrick (awards) - University of Liverpool

Dr Sam Engwell - British Geological Survey

Dr Mike Cassidy - University of Oxford

Jess Puggsley (student rep) - University of Aberdeen